AAT HOLDING SA (6/2018) Information on the conclusion of agreements on obtaining financing

Board of AAT HOLDING S.A. ("Company") informs in reference to Current Report No. 16/2017 of 14 December 2017 that on 16 February 2018 :
1) The Company and its subsidiary Polon-Alfa limited liability company sp.k. ("Polon-Alfa") concluded with Bank Zachodni WBK S.A. and Bank BGŻ BNP Paribas S.A. a contract for multi-purpose, term and working loans up to a total of PLN 116,200,000 (the "Loans Agreement"); and 2) The Company concluded with investors selected documents requiring investors to purchase bonds issued by the Company with a total nominal value of PLN 33,473,000 (the "Bonds"). Pursuant to the provisions of the Loans Agreement, cash paid on its basis may be allocated by the Company and Polon-Alfa to refinance the existing debt, purchase of the Company's shares, investment expenses and general expenses related to running the enterprise, in an appropriate maximum amount specified in the Loans Agreement. Funds from the issue of Bonds may be allocated by the Company at its discretion. The receivables under the Loans and Bonds Agreement will be secured, inter alia, by: (i) pledges on the Company's shares held by Lock Syndication S.C.A. (majority shareholder of the Company), (ii) pledges on bank accounts held by the Company, (iii) pledges on the Company's assets; (iv) transfers to secure the rights and receivables due to the Company, (v) mortgages on real estate owned by the Company and (with respect to the Loans Agreement) (vi) a limited liability company Polon-Alfa sp.k. In addition, on the dates resulting from the Loan Agreement and the documentation of the Bonds, the Company will be required to establish additional, selected collateral after fulfilling the prerequisites specified in the documentation. Claims arising from the Loan Agreement will benefit from the highest priority of satisfaction, while debts from the Bonds will be satisfied after the receivables from the Loan Agreements have been met. Interest on funds raised on the basis of Loans and Bonds is variable and based on the WIBOR rate and the margins agreed in the documentation . Individual tranches of loans are subject to quarterly depreciation in the amount agreed in the Loans Agreement, starting from December 31, 2018, and the date of final repaymenton February 16, 2023 with respect to term loans and February 16, 2019 with respect to working capital loan. The deadline for the final redemption of the Bonds is 20 March 2023. The Loan Agreement and the documentation of the Bonds provide for the possibility of early repayment on agreed terms. The Loan Agreement and the documentation of the Bonds provide for standard conditions suspending the availability of amounts based on them, including those regarding signing appropriate collateral agreements and providing customary documentation.

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