ARCHICOM SA (56/2017) Repayment of loans granted to the Issuer and payment of series F shares issued by the Issuer

The Management Board of ARCHICOM S.A. (hereinafter "Issuer" or "Company"), in reference to current reports No. 30/2017, 35/2017, 49/2017 and 54/2017, informs that on 27 September 2017, the Issuer repaid loans with a total value of nominal PLN 37,081.101.00, of which PLN 29.00987.00 for the benefit of DKR Investment sp. z oo z (referred to as "DKR Investment") and PLN 7,072,242.00 to DKR Invest S.A. with its registered office in Wrocław (hereinafter "DKR Invest") (hereinafter jointly "Loans"). The Loans were repaid as part of the mutual set-off of the (i) receivables due to the Issuer towards DKR Investment and DKR Invest under the concluded series F shares (which the Issuer reported in the current report No. 49/2017 of 18 September 2017) and (ii) DKR Investments and DKR Invest's claims towards the Issuer under the Loans. The Company announced the granting of loans to the Issuer to the Issuer in Current Report No. 35/2017 of June 14, 2017. Furthermore, on In September 2017, the Issuer informed, in its current report No. 54/2017, that DKR Invest will join as a result of concluding a tripartite agreement (of which the Company was also a party) in the rights of SK Inwestycje sp. z oo with the registered office in Wrocław (hereinafter referred to as "SK Inwestycje") as a creditor towards the Company in connection with the loan granted by SK Investments to the Company in the amount of 7.071.224,00 PLN.

Source: company website, investor relations, current and periodic reports.

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