PREMIUM FOOD RESTAURANTS SA (7/2018) Conclusion of a lease agreement regarding a new catering outlet Premium Food Restaurants S.A.

Legal attitude: Art. 17 para. 1 MAR - confidential information.
The Management Board of Premium Food Resturants S.A. with its registered office in Warsaw (the "Company") informs that today, ie on 17 May 2018, the Company concluded with Echo Pasaż Grunwaldzki - Magellan West sp. o.o. sp.k. with a registered office in Warsaw ("the Lessor") a lease agreement under which the Company will rent from the Lessor a gastronomic island located in the "Pasaż Grunwaldzki" Shopping and Entertainment Center in Wrocław ("Lease Agreement").
The lease agreement has been concluded for three years.
Collateral The lease agreements are: a) bank guarantee, with the possibility of exchanging it at any time on a deposit made in the form of a cash deposit, b) a statement on submission to enforcement pursuant to art. 777 § 1 point 4 k.p.c. as to the issue of the lease.
Other conditions The lease agreements do not differ from the market terms commonly accepted in trade for this type of contracts.

Source: company website, investor relations, current and periodic reports.

Company information
Company name:Astro SA
Adress: ul, Chmielna 28b 00-020 Warszawa
Phone:+48 22 4124545

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