ATLANTIS SE (55/2018) Conclusion of a Cash Loan Agreement and Securing Collateral on the Company's Assets

The Management Board of ATLANTIS SE in Płock informs that on 14/12/2018. As a borrower, he signed a cash loan agreement with the company ELKOP S.A. in Płock (KRS 0000176582) as a lender.
Subject of the Loan Agreement of 14/12/2018 is a cash loan in the amount of PLN 36,900,000.00. The parties have decided that the loan will be repaid by December 29, 2018. The interest on the loan amount has been set at WIBOR 6M + 2.00 p.p. on a yearly basis.
Interest will be paid once at the end of the loan period.
The loan was disbursed on the day the Loan Agreement was concluded. The loan payment by the Issuer was on December 14, 2018. secured by issuing to the lender its own promissory note. In addition, the Issuer undertook, within 3 business days, to terminate the loan agreement, grant additional security in the form of ownership transfer to secure the ownership of the land property owned by the Issuer and the COTEX OFFICE CENTER office building on that property with a total area of ​​10,319.55 m2 located in Płock. . The transfer of the property to the lender will secure the lender's claims up to PLN 37,000,000.00. The agreement on transfer of ownership as collateral provides that if the Issuer defaults on loan repayment dates and interest under the Loan Agreement of December 14, 2018. the lender will be entitled to satisfy by selling or taking ownership of the property in accordance with the value of PLN 37,000,000.00, determined by the parties.
The Issuer informs that it was drawn on 14/12/2018. the loan will be earmarked for the development of the Issuer's activities in the area of ​​granting cash loans.
The Issuer informs that on 14/12/2018. obtained the consent of the Supervisory Board of the Company to take out a loan and to provide security in the form of transfer of real estate.
Furthermore, the Issuer informs that the Ordinary General Meeting of June 18, 2018 By resolution No. 17, they agreed to transfer ownership of the property. The content of resolutions adopted by the Ordinary General Meeting of June 18, 2018 The Issuer made public the current report No. 28/2018 of 18/06/2018.
The Issuer also informs that between the Issuer and the Borrower they are taking placecapital and personal connections.
The chairman of the lender's board acts as a member of the Issuer's Supervisory Board, in addition, four members of the Issuer's Supervisory Board simultaneously perform the function in the lender's Supervisory Board.
The Issuer informs that a significant shareholder of the Issuer, Patro Invest OÜ, Estonia, holding shares of the Issuer representing 60.14% of the share capital and the total number of votes at the Issuer's General Meeting is also a significant shareholder of the lender with 36.10% share in the capital company's share and the total number of votes at the Borrower's General Meeting.

Source: company website, investor relations, current and periodic reports.

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