BANK MILLENNIUM SA (24/2017) Millennium Bank Strategy until 2020.

Approaching the end of the previous period of the Bank Millennium Strategy ("Bank") for 2015-2017, after reaching the most important goals (such as the number of active clients, share in the retail clients' funds market and the cost / income ratio), the Bank's Management Board proposed The Supervisory Board accepted the main directions of the new strategy for the period 2018-2020. The starting point for the strategy is the current macroeconomic conditions as well as new trends in the banking environment. The macroeconomic situation in Poland is favorable and a strong growth is expected in subsequent periods (GDP growth above 3%). New trends on the financial market include rising expectations regarding customer experience and personalization standards, digitization of services and life of clients, growing and increasingly concentrated banking market in Poland, increasing pressure on efficiency and upcoming changes in regulations (PSD2, MiFID2). In response to these challenges, the Bank proposes a strategy containing the following main directions: • Supplementing the current growth engine in Retail Banking (acquiring current accounts) with new engines (cash loan, investments and micro-enterprises) < / Br> • Accelerating growth in Corporate Banking through lending activities and higher performance of sales network • Concentration of growth on customer satisfaction, with mass personalization in detail and a sectoral approach in business • Strong use of the digital component in banking and outside of it as a competitive advantage • An opportunistic approach to inorganic growth options • Winning a talent war thanks to an inspiring work environment • Responsible action towards Clients, Colleagues and Society Effective implementation of the strategy should bring the Bank strong growth, high cost efficiency and k the return for shareholders is competitive in the sector. The main medium-term goals of the Bank Millennium Group for 2020 include: 1. Increase in revenues from core operations by approx. 30% (over 2017) 2. Double-digit increase in volumes in selected, key areas 3. Doubling the rate of acquisition of active clients 4. Maintaining the NPS ratio in the top three leading banks in Poland 5. Cost / income ratio at 40% 6. Risk cost consistent with historical trends 7. Profitnet in the amount of PLN 1 billion in 2020 *) 8. ROE in the top three leading banks in Poland *) *) excluding extraordinary legal, regulatory and tax events For a more detailed description and assumptions of the new Strategy, see the dedicated presentation published today on the website. Disclaimer: This document contains statements relating to the future. These statements are based on the current expectations of the Management Board and depend on many factors not controlled by the Management Board and are subject to uncertainty, which may result in factual data may significantly differ from those presented in the forward-looking statements. This document does not constitute forecasts or estimates of future results, therefore possible changes to the strategy or changes in the Bank's intentions, caused by unforeseen circumstances that affect the Bank's strategy or intentions, will not be subject to information provided for information on changes in the forecast or estimation of future results.

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