BYTOM SA (42/2017) Conclusion of an annex to the debt limit agreement and reverse factoring contract

The Management Board of Bytom S.A. informs that Bytom S.A. concluded on 11 December 2017 with Raiffeisen Bank Polska S.A. an annex to the Debt Limit Agreement, the limit of which is PLN 5,000,000, as a result of which the duration of the contract was extended until December 14, 2018. Under the granted limit, the Company may use a current account loan, a line on a letter of credit and a line for guarantees up to PLN 5,000,000, while the total amount of debt resulting from the use of the limit in the form of the above-mentioned products may not exceed the limit amount, ie PLN 5,000,000. In addition, the Company signed on December 11, 2017 r. with Raiffeisen Bank Polska SA an annex to the reverse factoring agreement (reverse purchase of receivables) for the amount of EUR 2,200,000 (increase by EUR 200,000 in relation to the previous limit), extending it until December 14, 2018. Securing the credit limit granted to the Company is: registered pledge on goods (value of PLN 12,263,184.63), assignment of receivables and promissory note. Price terms of the signed contract do not differ from market conditions. Other terms of the contract do not differ from terms commonly used for this type of contracts . The provisions regarding contractual penalties, which may exceed the equivalent of at least 10% of the value of the contract or the PLN equivalent of EUR 200,000, are not included in the annex. The agreements referred to in this report shall not are agreements with a related entity. There are no connections between the Company and persons managing or supervising the Company, and the Bank for which it was established pledges and persons to this Managing Bank. Information on signing the above annexes has been classified by the Company as confidential information, as defined in art. 7 of the MAR Regulation, due to the significant value of the aforementioned contracts and their significance for the Company in the scale of the Company. Legal basis: Article 17 paragraph 1 of the MAR Regulation - confidential information

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