DEKPOL SA (33/2017) Allotment of DA series bonds

Referring to the current report no. 19/2017 of May 8, 2017 regarding the conclusion of agreements regarding the financing of the Company's operations with SGB-Bank S.A. ("Bank"), the Management Board of DEKPOL S.A. ("Issuer", "Company") informs that on July 18, 2017, it adopted a resolution to allocate 15,000 bearer DA series bearer bonds with a total nominal value of PLN 15 million (the "Bonds") to the Bank. The nominal value of one Bond is PLN 1,000. The issue price of the Bonds is equal to the nominal value. The purpose of the issue is to finance development investments, including the allocation of funds from the issue for financing or refinancing the purchase of real estate or the acquisition of the right of perpetual usufruct. The issue of the Notes was non-public in the meaning of the Act on Offerings (...). The date of the final redemption of the Bonds was determined on April 30, 2021. The Issuer is entitled to earlier redemption of all or part of the Bonds. Each bondholder may request redemption in whole or in part of the Bonds before the date of the final redemption in the event of the occurrence and duration of the violation specified in the terms of issue. The interest rate on the Bonds is variable, based on the WIBOR 6M rate increased by a margin and paid out in half-year periods. Securing the Bonds is, among others, contractual mortgage up to PLN 52.5 million to the mortgage administrator on the perpetual usufruct right to the land and building constituting a separate property, entitled to Almond sp. z o. o., located in Gdańsk at ul. Toruńska and conditional assignment of receivables from contracts concluded by the Issuer with a value remaining to be settled not less than PLN 22 million net.

Source: company website, investor relations, current and periodic reports.

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