DM BOŚ raised the recommendation for Dino Polska to & quot; buy & quot;

The recommendation was issued at PLN 103.1. On Monday at 11.40. The company's share price is PLN 99.45.
DM BOŚ expects Dino Polska's "outstanding" financial results in the coming quarters, and therefore recommends short-term "overweight" of the company's shares in investment portfolios.
In turn, taking into account the forecasted dynamic increase in revenues and improvement of the company's profitability, the author of the report - Jakub Viscardi - estimates that adjusted Dino EBITDA will increase by 34 percent. in 2018 and by 32 per cent in 2019.
The brokerage house estimated the company's shares at PLN 124.2 using the DCF method (discounted cash flows) and at PLN 61.8, comparing Dino Polska to Jeronimo Martins, the owner of the Biedronka chain. The final valuation of Dino shares up to 90%. is based on the DCF method, which DM BOŚ justifies the prospects of a dynamic growth of the company's results.
The first distribution of the report took place on January 30, at 8.10.

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    Apart from the aforementioned cases, between DM BOŚ, analyst / analysts preparing this report and issuer / issuers of securities, to which this report relates, there are no links and circumstances which can be reasonably expected to have a negative impact on the objectivity of the Recommendation , taking into account interests or conflicts of interest on their part or from any natural or legal person regarding a financial instrument or issuer. DM BOŚ did not conclude service contracts in the form of recommendations for the company / companies under analysis. This report has not been forwarded to the analyzed company prior to its distribution to customers.
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    The report concerns the company: Dino

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