DROZAPOL-PROFIL SA (23/2017) Notification from shareholders about the results of the tender offer.

The Management Board of Drozapol-Profil S.A. (The Issuer) informs that on 12.10.2017 it received a notification from the shareholders of Mr. Grażyna Rybka and Mr. Wojciech Rybek calling in accordance with the invitation of 21/08/2017 to sell the Company's shares, in which they inform that as a result of Under the tender offer, subscriptions for the sale of 999,774 shares were accepted. The Callers decided to take up these shares, according to the proportion resulting from the contract and tender offer. According to point. 11 and point 20 calls for subscription for the sale of shares of Drozapol-Profil Spółka Akcyjna of August 21, 2017, the date of the share acquisition transaction is 13.10.2017 and the transaction settlement date, October 17, 2017. As a result of the call, after In the settlement of the transaction, the callers will hold a total of 3,921,354 shares out of 6,188,550 shares of the company, which gives them 64.09% of shares and the right to 74.57% of votes at the General Meeting of Shareholders (General Meeting of Shareholders). Wojciech Rybka, as a result of the tender offer, it will take 569,871 shares, which together with the already owned shares will give 2,212,971 shares, representing 36.17% of shares entitling to 40.2% of votes at the General Meeting of Shareholders, and Grażyna Rybka, as a result of the tender, will take 429,903 shares, which together with already owned shares will give 1,708,383 shares, constituting 27.93% of all shares and giving the right to 34.37% of votes at the AGM.

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Company name:Drozapol-Profil SA
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