PRZEDSIĘBIORSTWO ROBÓT INSTALACYJNYCH EKOPARK SA (2/2019) Deadlines for submitting periodic reports in 2019

The Management Board of PRI Ekopark S.A. informs that periodic reports in 2019 financial year will be transmitted on the following dates:

• quarterly report for the fourth quarter of 2018 - February 14 2019 (Thursday);
• quarterly report for the first quarter of 2019 - May 14, 2019 (Tuesday);
• annual report for 2018 - May 31, 2019 (Friday);
• quarterly report for the second quarter of 2019 - August 14, 2019 (Wednesday);
• quarterly report for the third quarter of 2019 - November 14, 2019 (Thursday).

Any changes to the dates of submitting periodic reports will be announced in the form of a current report.
Legal basis:
§6 para. 14.1 of Appendix No. 3 to the Alternative Trading System Rules, "Current and periodic information provided in the alternative trading system on the NewConnect market".

Source: company website, investor relations, current and periodic reports.

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