EKOPOL GÓRNOŚLĄSKI HOLDING SA (23/2018) tanks as part of the "Innovative Enterprise" technology

Legal attitude: Art. 17 para. 1 MAR - confidential information. The technology package "Innowacyjne Przedsiebiorstwo" also includes the foundation of a double-shell tank for liquid fuels for the wholesale supply of diesel oil. Market research and the experience of clients of Ekopol Górnośląski Holding SA show that, to a large extent, people and legal entities in the country (to the greatest extent in the agricultural sector) store IT in containers that are not intended for this purpose. The most common cases are the storage of fuels in classic metal barrels, plastic tanks like "Mauzer" or single-skin tanks - unlawfully advertised as storage tanks for diesel oil. In connection with the above and the fact that in particular smaller enterprises and farms pay much attention to the price of the product, the brand has introduced to its offer for 2018 new models of double-shell liquid fuel tanks, including ECO type tanks clearly lower price, keeping all legal and security aspects related to ON storage. All tanks are manufactured under the supervision of the Office of Technical Inspection, in Poland, they meet the European standards PN EN 13 341 and guarantee the safety of use and the environment. In Silesia, they have the NATURA 2000 certificate. More information about double-skin tanks can be obtained at

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Company name:Ekopol Górnośląski Holding SA
Adress: ul. Graniczna 7 41-940 Piekary Śląskie
Phone:+48 32 3892560

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