ENTER AIR SA (9/2018) Completion of the contracting of a trading program from London Gatwick

With reference to the current report No. 2/2018, the Management Board of Enter Air S.A. ("Company") informs that on April 23, 2018, a subsidiary of Enter Air S.A. - Enter Air sp. O.o. - concluded a contract with The Golden Holiday Company Limited (trading name: Golden Holidays) with its registered office in Horsham (United Kingdom) and thus concluded the contracting process for a commercial program carried out from London Gatwick Airport (LGW) for the summer season 2018 - Autumn 2018. In addition to the agreement with Golden Holidays and the agreement with Sunvil Holidays (about which the Company informed in the current report 2/2018), the commercial program from the LGW airport also consists of agreements signed by Enter Air sp. z oo from Serenity Holidays Limited with its registered office in Hampshire (United Kingdom) on March 6, 2018, and an agreement with Alban Travel Ltd with its registered office in London dated March 14, 2018. Total value of the contracted commercial program carried out at London Airport Gatwick (LGW) for the summer season 2018 - Autumn 2018 is approximately USD 10.473.757 (in words: ten million four hundred seventy three thousand seven hundred fifty seven US dollars) and includes the following contracts: 1. Agreement with Sunvil International Sales Ltd. worth approximately USD 6,400,000 2. Agreement with Golden Holidays with a value of approximately USD 1.166.100 3. Agreement with Serenity Holidays Limited with a value of approximately USD 2,159,521 4. Agreement with Alban Travel Ltd with a value of approximately USD 778,440. The conclusion of the contracting process of the trading program at GTW Airport was classified as confidential due to its importance to the core business of Enter Air and the importance of the Company's operations base in the UK. br> The company explains that the total value of benefits resulting from the concluded agreements is not possible to determine in a strict manner, therefore the values ​​given above are estimates, and the final value of individual contracts may differ from the above estimates. The value of benefits resulting from contracts is affected by a number of variables, including the cancellation scheme for individual flights provided for in each contract and variable cost components. Settlements for these contracts will be implemented on an ongoing basis and in accordance with the schedule of individual charter flights. br> All agreements provide for additional payments to Enter Air sp. z o. o in case of cancellation of flightsby the travel agency, the amount of which depends, inter alia, on the period of advance with which the voyage was canceled. The agreements do not contain non-standard provisions that would differ significantly from the terms used by Enter Air sp. o.o. in similar contracts concluded with tour operators.

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