EUROPEJSKIE CENTRUM ODSZKODOWAŃ SA (5/2018) Election of the Management Board for the new term of office

On 26 April 2018, the Supervisory Board of the company under the name Europejskie Centrum Odszkodowań Spółka Akcyjna with its registered office in Legnica (the "Company"), acting pursuant to art. 368 § 4 and 369 § 1 of the Code of Commercial Companies and §12 para. 1 of the Company's Statutes, appointed the members of the Company's Management Board with effect from the date of the General Meeting of the Company approving the financial statements, reports of the Management Board for the fiscal year 2017. In the Management Board of Europejskie Centrum Odszkodowań S.A. there will be persons who have been performing functions in the Management Board of the Company, ie :
a) Mr Krzysztof Lewandowski as the President of the Management Board; b) Ms. Jolanta Zendran as the Vice-President of the Board; c) Ms. Agata Rosa- Kołodziej as a Member of the Management Board. Appointment takes place for a joint two-year term, which will start its course on the day of the General Meeting approving the financial statements for the financial year 2017. The mandate of the newly appointed members of the Management Board will expire at the latest on the date of the General Meeting approving the financial statements Companies for 2019 Appointed Members of the Management Board do not engage in competitive activities in relation to the Issuer's activities and do not participate in any other competitive company or other competitive legal entity. Persons appointed to the Management Board are not entered in the Register of Insolvent Debtors maintained pursuant to the Act on the National Court Register. President Krzysztof Lewandowski: Creator of the European Compensation Center SA, the largest compensation company in Central and Eastern Europe. Since 2004, he has been the President of the Management Board of the Company. He made the expansion of the EuCO Capital Group in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania. In 2006, he extended the Group's operations to the EuCO Legal Advisors Office, which represents clients in court proceedings. In 2010, he successfully introduced EuCO S.A. to the main market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. A member of the Business Center Club and the Polish Business Roundtable Club. Previously, he gained business experience by managing, among others, wood transport company and a chain of clothing stores. In the years 1995-1997 he worked at the KGHM Group. He is a graduate of The Polish Open University in Warsaw in the field of business management. Vice President Jolanta Zendran: Since 2013 he has been the Vice President of the Management Board of EuCO S.A. Is responsible foroperating activity of the EuCO Capital Group. Associated with the Company since 2005 as a financial director, managing director, proxy and member of the management board. In 2010, she actively participated in the IPO process, which ended with the introduction of EuCO S.A. on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. In the years 2000-2004 she was the director of the office in the company managing non-public healthcare facilities throughout Poland. He is a sworn translator of the German language and a graduate of the course for a tax advisor. She graduated from the Faculty of Philology of the University of Wrocław and post-graduate studies at the Warsaw School of Economics in Collegium of Management and Finance. Member of the Board Agata Rosa: Since 2012, Member of the Board responsible for finances. In the EuCO Capital Group since 2010 as a financial director. He has an accounting certificate granted by the Minister of Finance. She completed post-graduate studies at the University of Economics in Wroclaw in the field of accounting and taxes as well as in the field of international accounting standards, as well as the College of Banking in Wroclaw in the field of accounting and controlling. Previously, she gained professional experience in the area of ​​finance and accounting at the KGHM Group. A graduate of The Polish Open University in Warsaw in the field of business management. Legal basis: par. 5 para. 1 point 22 RMF GPW.

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Company information
Company name:Europejskie Centrum Odszkodowań SA
Adress: ul. M. Kolbe 18 59-220 Legnica
Phone:+48 76 7239800

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