FON SA (10/2018) Total settlement of receivables under the loan agreement.

The Management Board of FON S.A. with registered office in Płock in reference to current reports No. 74/2017, 70/2017, 58/2017, 24/2015, 28/2015, 38/2015, 39/2015, 43/2015, 48/2015, 41/2014, 67/2013, herewith hereby informs that on April 18, 2018 settled the entire loan granted to the company TOP MARKA S.A. (KRS 0000292265) of December 30, 2013 amended by the Annex of 18 April 2015. In connection with the implementation by FON Zarządzanie Nieruchomościami Sp. z o.o. based in Płock on the obligations imposed on that company under the Trust Agreement described in Current Report No. 38/2015 and 39/2015, the Issuer informs that the public sale procedure of the Real Property located in Poznań at ul. Kopanina 54/56 described in detail in Current Report No. 67/2013. Due to the exhaustion of the above procedure, the Issuer reported in the course of current reports, the Issuer has become entitled to settle the value of the property taken over in Poznań at ul. Kopanina 54/56 in the amount of the last public sale announcement, ie in the amount of PLN 25,000,000.00 (twenty five million zlotys). The Issuer informs that on April 18, 2018 he exercised his right and submitted a relevant declaration (posting at the post office), the statement on the settlement is effective on 18/04/2018. The aforementioned amount of PLN 25,000,000.00 was included in the title of the Transfer Agreement in the first place for the costs of the public sale procedure incurred by the Issuer, in the second place the Issuer has credited the amount of PLN 18,295,394.34 for the liabilities of TOP MARKA ARE towards FON S.A. under the Loan Agreement of December 30, 2013, which was the sum of the liabilities of TOP MARKA S.A. towards FON S.A. on 18/04/2018 The Issuer informs that on 18/04/2018 the loan agreement of 30/12/2013 was settled in full. For the amount of PLN 18,295,394.34 comprising: - PLN 17 850 941.93 return on loan principal as at December 30, 2013, - PLN 444,452,41 interest reimbursement for delay until April 18, 2018. The remaining part of property receipts in the amount of PLN 6,699,234.28. According to the Property Transfer Agreement, the Issuer is obliged to transfer to the mortgageesecured on real estate in Poznan. The subject is Investment Friends SE based in Płock. The Issuer informs that the property in Poznań is in the possession of FON Zarządzanie Nieruchomościami Sp. z o.o. By virtue of the custody agreement, the Issuer has the right to request a real property transfer to the Issuer.

Source: company website, investor relations, current and periodic reports.

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