GALVO SA (18/2017) Monthly report for September 2017

The Board of Galvo S.A. publishes the monthly report for September 2017. 1. Information on the occurrence of trends and events in the market environment of the company, which in the company's opinion may have significant effects on the financial health and financial results in the future. Net sales revenues in September 2017 amounted to PLN 927 thousand. PLN, which means an increase of 15.9% compared to September 2016 (in September 2016, net sales revenues amounted to PLN 800 thousand). Sales revenues from January to September 2017 totaled PLN 8,220 thousand. PLN 8,086 thousand from January to September of the previous year, which means a 1.7% increase. Apart from the Company's listed market environment, there were no events that could have significant effects on the financial condition and financial results of the Company. 2. List of all information published by the Company in the form of a current report in the period covered by the report. Current and periodic reports published in the EIB system in September 2017 :
Wealth report No. 17/2017 from 14.09.17 - Monthly report for August 2017. Current reports in the ESPI system were not published in September 2017. :
The Company's reports are published on an ongoing basis on the company's website:, as well as on the following websites: and 3. Information on the implementation of the issue objectives, if such implementation, even in part, took place in the period covered by this report. Completion of emission goals related to the purchase and optimization of the process from the IT side for a new technological line has been completed. In September 2017, investments from the funds obtained from the issue were not carried out. 4. Investor's calendar, including events to take place in the coming month, which concern the issuer and are important from the point of view of interests, in particular the date of publication of periodic reports, planned general meetings, subscription opening, meetings with investors or analysts and the expected date of publication of the analytical report. / br> By November 14, 2017, the Company will publish a monthly report for October 2017. On November 14, 2017, the Company will publish a quarterly report for the third quarter of 2107 Legal basis: Sec. 16 Best Practices of Companies Listed on NewConnect.

Source: company website, investor relations, current and periodic reports.

Company information
Company name:Galvo SA
Adress: ul. Aleksandrowska 67/93 91-205 Łódź
Phone:+48 42 2910210

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