GORENJE GOSPODINJSKI APARATI D.D. (2/2018) Gorenje's Response to the allegations of the shareholder and former management member Philip Sluiter at the Shareholders Assembly on January 9, 2018

Legal basis: Ljubljana Stock Exchange dd, Financial Instruments Market Act (ZTFI), and the Corporate Governance Code of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange and Warsaw Stock Exchange, the company Gorenje dd, Velenje, hereby Gornée dd. Gorenje dd Shareholders Assembly, Philip Sluiter accused the Management Board and CEO Franjo Bobinac of unloved conduct and fraud (which is the exact English term he used) for the loan to the company. Intersolar in 2008. The company and its management strongly reject Philip Sluiter's allegations and hereby provide the following explanations in this respect: 1. The loan to the company Intersolar was examined by the Supervisory Board, based on an anonymous report, at the session on December 21, 2010. Grant Thornton to review the loan to the company Intersolar. 2. At the first time Supervisory Board session, held on March 3, 2011, Grant Thornton to review the loan to the company Intersolar. 3. Upon proposal by the Audit Committee, the Supervisory Board is the loan to the company. Intersolar from a short-term loan to a long-term loan. In addition, the borrower had to sign the covenants to ensure the repayment of the loan. 4. On December 12, 2011, the Audit Thornton about the loan to the company Intersolar. A resolution was adopted and implemented in a legal framework; however, the practice was to be in good order and corporate governance. 5. At its session on December 19, 2011, the Supervisory Board approved by the Audit Thornton, and the audited Committee on the repayment of the restructured loan. 6. In the Annual Report for the year 2011, publicly released on April 19, 2012, the Audit Thornton and it it has been presented into the Supervisory Board: "The internationally renowned company, Grant Thornton, examined in detail. the documentation of the company. Grant Thornton was available to all. Audit Committee and Supervisory Board members. had the very first time, the management board has to have been completed. monitor the implementation of the amended loan agreement. " 7. The letter from the Supervisory Board was reconstituted on June 4, 2012. 8. At the regular Shareholders Assembly (annual general meeting) on ​​July 5, 2012, at the Supervisory Board exposures to the 99.989% majority of the present shareholders. 9. The loan to the company. Intersolar has been fully repaid. The repository is included in the official website of Gorenje. dd, Velenje, at, for Gorenje dd, Management Board Gorenje dd, Management Board

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Company name:Gorenje gospodinjski aparati d.d.
Adress: Partizanska 12 3503 Velenje, Słowenia

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