HUBSTYLE SA (30/2017) Acquiring external financing by a subsidiary of the Issuer

HubStyle SA Management Board (Issuer, Company) informs that today financing was initiated based on the concluded between ING Bank Śląski S.A. based in Katowice, and Sugarfree Sp. z o.o. a subsidiary of the Issuer, contracts for a multi-product agreement and a discount agreement concluded on August 31, 2017. As part of a multi-product agreement, Sugarfree Sp. z o.o. received a limit of PLN 390,000.00 which can be used in the form of a current account overdraft up to the limit granted or bank guarantees up to PLN 100,000. Under the discount agreement, Sugarfree Sp. z o.o. received a renewable supplier financing line in the amount of PLN 600,000.00. The loan will be used in a non-cash form against the credit account through the implementation of the instruction of Sugarfree Sp. z o.o. up to the amount of credit granted. The term of the line availability under the multi-product agreement was determined until August 29, 2018, and the availability of supplier financing lines until August 27, 2018. The remaining provisions of the agreements are of market nature. The credit repayment security is a blank promissory note together with a promissory note signed by the Issuer up to the amount of the Bank's receivables with interest, commissions and any other costs resulting from the loan. The Management Board of HubStyle SA hereby communicates this information, as it concerns the development of a subsidiary company and in the Issuer's opinion it will have a positive impact on its financial and economic situation.

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Company information
Company name:HubStyle SA
Adress: ul. Sportowa 8 81-300 Gdynia
Phone:+48 58 5858900

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