HYPERION SA (46/2017) Information on the rehabilitation proceedings

The Management Board of Hyperion S.A. in restructuring (hereinafter referred to as the "Company", "Issuer") informs of the reasons for making a decision to disclose information about the legal and factual basis, pursuant to which the District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw Of Warsaw in Warsaw, 10th Commercial Department for bankruptcy and restructuring matters in case reference number act X GRs 6/17 discontinued the Issuer's restructuring proceedings. The Management Board indicates that the decision to disclose the information was taken in order to protect the interests of shareholders and creditors, and was aimed at avoiding speculation and unauthorized activities towards the Company. The Issuer indicates that at this stage the decision to discontinue the proceeding is still an invalid decision and as such will be challenged by the Issuer. The Issuer indicates that it disagrees with the assessment of the Issuer's situation presented in the Manager's request for discontinuation of the proceedings, in particular with the thesis that the continuation of this proceeding was connected with the risk of injuring creditors. The Issuer notes that pursuant to art. 3 par. 1 of Restructuring Law "the purpose of the restructuring proceedings is to avoid the bankruptcy of the debtor by allowing him to restructure by entering into an arrangement with creditors, and in the case of rehabilitation proceedings - also by carrying out remedial actions, securing legitimate creditors' rights and fulfilling the above-mentioned objective of the proceedings. priority. In addition, the Issuer indicates that it obtained the consent of creditors with over 30% of claims (in accordance with the census provided in the application for rehabilitation) for debt reduction in the manner described in the application. Moreover, the Issuer believes that until the final ruling on the cancellation of the rehabilitation proceedings, it is recognized that the transfer of all information in the case in question may cause damage to the shareholders of the company, but also to its creditors.

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