IMS SA (28/2018) Completion of the 2nd Tranche of the Share Buyback Program

The Management Board of IMS S.A. ("Company", "Issuer"), in reference to current reports No. 26/2018 of 19/06/2018 and 27/2018 of 20/06/2018, in connection with the transfer of all sold shares by the Shareholders to the Issuer's account by the Shareholders, that on June 25 this year the share buyback program has been completed and settled under the 2nd Tranche of the Purchase Program, implemented on the basis of Resolution No. 19 of the Ordinary General Meeting of IMS S.A. from 25 May 2017.
Under this Tranche, the Company acquired 640,000 shares with a total nominal value of PLN 12,800, representing 1.91% of the Issuer's share capital and entitling to 640,000 votes at the GM (1.91% of all votes).
The shares were purchased by the Company at the price of PLN 3.70 per share.
Under the 2nd Tranche, the Issuer acquired all its own shares offered for purchase.
As at June 25, 2018, the Issuer has a total of 1,217,477 own shares with a nominal value of PLN 24,030, representing 3.59% of the Issuer's share capital and entitling to 1,017,477 votes at the General Meeting (3.59% of all votes) .
The Issuer in accordance with art. 364 pairs 2 of the Code of Commercial Companies does not exercise voting rights from owned own shares.
Detailed basis: Article 2 para. 2 and 3 of the REGULATION OF THE DELEGATED COMMISSION (EU) 2016/1052

Source: company website, investor relations, current and periodic reports.

Company information
Company name:IMS SA
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