VENTURE INC SA (20/2017) Acquisition of Investors by a portfolio company

Legal attitude: Art. 17 para. 1 MAR - confidential information. The Management Board of Venture Inc S.A. ("Issuer") informs that today, November 2, 2017, it learned about the investment made in the Issuer's portfolio company - Friendly Score ltd. based in London (the "Company"). The investment in the Company was made by a group of business angels ("Investors"). The investors took up 6,605 (in words: six thousand six hundred and five) shares of the Company for a price of GBP 30.28 (in words: thirty British pounds and 28 pence) each, for a total price of GBP 200,000 (in words: two hundred thousand British pounds). In addition, the Company has announced an issue of 15.505 (in words: fifteen thousand five hundred and five) shares for Key Employees. The Issuer owns 21,000 (say: twenty one thousand) shares of the Company (the "Package"), which after taking into account the transaction and the issue of shares for Key Employees, account for 12.19% (say: twelve percent and 19/100) in the share capital Friendly Score Ltd. .. The Issuer has purchased the currently owned Package, according to the exchange rate as at November 2, 2017, the total price of 41.540,45 * GBP (in words: forty one thousand five hundred and forty British pounds and forty five cents), which is GBP 1.98 (in words: one British pound and ninety eight pence) per share. Friendly Score ltd. is an entity creating a tool for Big Data credit scoring aimed at using data from social networks to analyze the creditworthiness of consumers.

Source: company website, investor relations, current and periodic reports.

Company information
Company name:INC SA
Adress: ul. Krasińskiego 16 60-830 Poznań
Phone:+48 61 8518677

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