INFOSCAN SA (2/2021) Completion of subscription for further series H shares

Management Board of Infoscan S.A. with its registered office in Warsaw ("the Company") informs that on January 13, 2021, the subscription for further series H shares issued pursuant to Resolution No. 5 of the Extraordinary General Meeting of August 13, 2019 on the conditional increase of the company's share capital by way of issue of series H shares and the exclusion of all pre-emptive rights of the existing shareholders in relation to the series H shares.
The issue was carried out in the form of private subscription, with the subscription rights deprived of the existing shareholders:
1) Subscription start and subscription end date: < br /> Subscription start date: January 12, 2021.
Subscription end date: January 13, 2021.
2) Date of allocation of financial instruments:
January 13, 2021.
3) Number of financial instruments covered by subscription:
744,680 series H shares.
4) Reduction rate in individual tranches if the number of allocated financial instruments was lower than the number of financial instruments in at least one tranche subscribed:
No reduction has occurred.
5) Number of financial instruments allotted under the subscription:
744,680 series H shares.
6) Price at which the financial instruments were taken up:
The conversion price was 0, PLN 94 for each series H share.
6a) Information on the method of paying for the acquired securities:
744,680 series H shares of the Company were covered by converting fourteen series C6 bonds into shares.
a) in the event that the acquisition (acquisition) took place by set-off of receivables: - the date of the creation of the receivable, - the subject of the receivable, - the value of the receivable with its valuation, which took up (acquired) the issuer's securities, with an indication of their number - not applicable.
b) if the acquisition (acquisition) took place in exchange for in-kind contributions: - the subject of the in-kind contributions, - the value of the in-kind contributions, including their valuation, - entities that acquired (acquired) the issuer's securities, indicating their number - not applicable.
7) the number of people who subscribed for financial instruments covered by subscription or sale in individualtranches - 1 legal entity.
8) the number of people who were allocated financial instruments under the subscription or sale in individual tranches - 1 legal person.
8a) information whether the persons who were allocated financial instruments as part of the subscription or sale in individual tranches are entities related to the issuer within the meaning of § 4 sec. 6 of the Alternative Trading System Regulations - the entity that has been allocated financial instruments is not a related entity within the meaning of § 4 subpara. 6 of the Alternative Trading System Regulations.
9) names of (business names) of the underwriters who took up the financial instruments as part of the performance of underwriting agreements, specifying the number of financial instruments they subscribed for, together with the actual price of the financial instrument unit (issue or sale price, net of consideration for subscription units of a financial instrument, in the performance of the underwriting agreement, acquired by the underwriter) - No underwriting agreements were concluded.
10) the total amount of the costs that were included in the costs of the issue, indicating the amount of costs according to their titles, broken down at least into costs:
a) preparation and conduct of the offer - PLN 0.00, /> b) remuneration of underwriters, separately for each of them - PLN 0.00,
c) preparation of a public information document or information document, including consultancy costs - PLN 4,920.00,
d) promotion of the offer - along with the methods of settling these costs in the accounting books and the method of their recognition in the issuer's financial statements - PLN 0.00.
The above costs will reduce the Company's supplementary capital arising from the surplus of the issue value of the issued shares over their nominal value.
Legal basis: § 4 para. 1 of Annex No. 3 to the Regulations of the Alternative Trading System "Current and Periodic Information provided in the Alternative Trading System on the NewConnect market".

Source: company website, investor relations, current and periodic reports.

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