INVESTMENT FRIENDS CAPITAL SA (35/2017) An instruction to create a savings term deposit for the Issuer's significant own funds.

Investment Friends Capital SA Management Board with registered office in Płock informs that on July 14, 2017 deposited at PKO Bank Polski S.A. the instruction to create a term deposit of the Issuer's significant own funds in the amount of PLN 5,000,000.00 (five million zlotys) Deposit characteristics: Deposit with a negotiated interest rate of PLN 5,000,000.00, Interest rate on an annual basis: 1.40% Date of deposit: 14/07/2017. Date of return: 25/07/2017. Origin of funds: own, free, current assets of the Issuer. br> Criterion of connections: none - free market transaction with an unrelated entity. Criterion for considering information as material: total value of deposits in one Bank in relation to the Issuer's equity. The Issuer's Management Board informs that in accordance with the adopted strategy The Company conducts its operational activity in the area of ​​granting cash loans on an on-going basis. The Issuer places free cash on short-term bank deposits.

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