INVESTMENT FRIENDS CAPITAL SE (4/2019) Information for Shareholders - notification of the transaction referred to in art. 19 par. 1 MAR Regulation. Information for Shareholders - a notification of tracing received under Article 19 point 1 of the Marke

Legal basis: Article 19 para. 3 MAR - information on transactions performed by persons discharging managerial responsibilities.
The Management Friends Capital SE with its registered office in Tallinn, Estonia informs that on 29.01.2019. the Company received a notification about transactions of a closely related person referred to in art. 19 par. 1 MAR Regulation.
The full text of the notification received, the Company presents in an attachment to this report.
The Management Board of Capital Investment Headquatered in Tallinn, Estonia. Here is information on the market Abuse Regulation ( the MAR).
The report is enclosed to this report.

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    Notification of transactions referred to in art. 19 par. 1 of MAR Regulation
    Notification about transactions due to MAR Regulation
    1 Data of the person discharging managerial responsibilities / persons closely associated with it
    Data of the person discharging managerialuties / persons closely associated with him / her
    a) Name / Surname Person closely associated:
    Name of Related Person PATRO INVEST O Ü in / in Tallinn / ie
    2 Reason for notification
    Reason of notification
    a) Stand / status PATRO INVEST O Ü in Tallinn is a closely related person
    the following persons discharging managerial responsibilities at the Investment Friends Capital SE in Tallinn:
    PATRO INVEST OÜ is a person discharging managerial responsibilities in
    Investment Friends Capital SE in Tallinn:
    1) Damian Patrowicz - President of the Board / President of Managment Board
    2) Małgorzata Patrowicz - Member of the Supervisory Board - Supervisory board member
    3) Martyna Patrowicz - Member of the Supervisory Board - Supervisory board member
    b) Primary notification / modification. Primary notification / First Notification
    Type of Notification
    3 Data of the issuer, emission allowance market participant, auction platform, operator
    auctions or auctions monitor-Information and Name of the Issuer of financial instruments
    a) Name (s) of the issuer Investment Friends Capital SE
    b) LEI 259400IJV1V3TF45QC25
    4 Detailed information about the transaction - Full information about transactions
    a) Type of financial instrument Shares / Shares
    Type of financical instrument
    Identification code (ISIN code) ISIN: EE310014341
    b) Transaction type (Type of transactions). Purchase / Buy
    c) Price and volume (Price and Quantity) Price / Price. Volume / Quantity
    24.01.2019 PLN 0.62 3.772
    25.01.2019 PLN 0.57 1.064
    29.01.2019 PLN 0.57 3.400

    d) Collective information (Summary information)
     Total volume 8.236
     Price (Summary Price of all Quantity) Price / Price: PLN 0.59
    e) Transaction Date (Date of transactions) January 24, 2019 - January 29, 2019,
    f) Place of transactions Regulated market in Warsaw
    Regulated Market in Warsaw

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