JWA SA (26/2018) Adoption of the development strategy of JWA S.A. for the years 2019 - 2021

Legal basis: Article 17 para. 1 MAR - confidential information.
Board of JWA S.A. with its registered office in Warsaw ("Issuer", "Company") makes public the main assumptions of the Company development plan adopted by the Issuer's Management Board on December 20, 2018 for the years 2019-2021.
The main goal of the company in the mentioned strategy is to maintain an established position on the IT market as a competent and recognized supplier of high-tech IT solutions, in accordance with pre-defined assumptions, that is taking into account such values ​​as customer care, technological innovation, high quality, knowledge and passion. The company intends to maintain a stable position on the market in its main areas of specialization, simultaneously developing new business lines.
The key goal of the strategy is also to increase the use of the potential of own products, expand the portfolio of ongoing projects and acquire new customers in the area of ​​FinTech.
A more detailed description of the adopted strategy plan was made in the form of the document "Development strategy for 2019 2021", which is attached to this report.
In the opinion of the Management Board, the implementation of the adopted development plan for 2019 - 2021 will translate into an increase in revenues and a significant strengthening of the market position of JWA S.A., and thus the increase of the Company's value for its Shareholders.

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    JWA joint-stock company
    with headquarters in Warsaw

    Warsaw, December 20 and 2018

    I. Past achievements
    The main pillar of JWA SA's activity is the service of public administration in the field of services
    support in the construction and implementation of IT solutions.

    In addition, S shelf implements projects as part of B2B orders and for its own, related needs
    with building IT tools and implementing technological solutions.

    The essence of the real strategy of the Company in 2016-2018 was to achieve an established position on
    IT market as a competent and recognized supplier of high-tech IT solutions.

    In the opinion of the Management Board, this goal was achieved. JWA SA is a recognizable entity on the market
    IT, with the bottom to participate in innovative and complex IT projects.

    In recent years, the Company has maintained and deepened relations with key clients in the sector
    public administration, but mainly continued the development of software and building
    own tools based on possessed industry competences.

    As part of the projects carried out, the Company carried out the implementation of the platform
    transactional Snipay, enabling the provision of services consisting in payment processing, incl
    support for anonymous payments and support for cryptocurrencies (accepting payments and theirs
    exchange). The implementation of the above project enabled the acquisition of competences in the field of
    the production implementation of technol og blockchain in fintech solutions.

    In the area of building your own potential in the field of unique products and solutions
    technologically advanced The Company develops the following products:
    - Chmiuro service is a CRM solution that streamlines the customer service process. IN
    within individual packages it is possible to manage contacts and clients,
    carrying out advertising campaigns, sending mailings and reporting.
    - Scrumeasa is a tool for project management using experience
    agile methods. It has the functionality of managing the entire production process: from
    collecting customer needs, by clarifying them, prioritizing, grouping in
    sprints, production, checking and delivery to the customer.

    It is worth adding that the development of the Company throughout the entire period was financed with own funds.

    II. Strategic goals for 2019 - 2021
    In the next three years, JWA SA intends to continue its development in line with the previous one
    with e-ordinated assumptions, that is, taking into account such values as customer care,
    technological innovation, high quality, knowledge and passion. The company intends to keep stable
    position on the market in its main areas of specialization, at the same time developing new directions
    Below we indicate the key strategic goals:
    • maintaining a well-established position on the IT market as a competent and recognized supplier
    high-tech IT solutions,
    • increased revenues of the Company through increasing the use of the potential held
    own products,

    • acquired new key clients from the fintech industry, and thus diversification
    • the use of S shelf potential, acquired during the implementation of custom products, in
    the range of products based on blockchain technology,
    • satisfied with shareholders through continuous increase in profits and an increase in the market value of the JWA

    III. Ways of achieving strategic goals
    The Management Board plans to expand the portfolio of ongoing projects and acquired new customers in
    financial area. The experience gained in the Snipay project in 2019 - 202 1 should
    contribute to establishing cooperation with clients from the financial sector. The company will aim
    in contracts enabling the preparation of integrated financial systems for institutions
    offering financial services.
    The company will make more extensive use of past experience and investments made
    in the use of blockchain technology (also including products in their own
    i.e. Chmiuro or S crumeasy).
    Implementation of the main strategic goals, and above all maintaining the position
    a competent IT service provider and diversification of revenue sources, will be made from
    using the experience gained in previous years.

    The actions necessary to achieve the set goals are:
    • acquiring new clients in the current areas of activity,
    • gaining business partners in new areas planned for development,
    • maintaining knowledge and competence at the level that enables the company's development in the industry

    The first direction of new activities will be to acquire clients from the financial institutions industry
    and the creation on the basis of Snipay's project experience integrated it with the financial system.

    The next direction of activities planned to be undertaken by the Company will be the acquisition of partners
    to cooperate in innovative topics in the areas of fintech, blockchain, entertainment and gaming.

    Observation of current market trends in this industry gives rise to an increase
    involvement in acquiring new projects and developing their own in this area.

    Experience gained during ongoing projects as well as the development of your own company
    allow you to enter the development of the gas sector into the Company's strategy. The above planned
    is with particular emphasis on low-budget production. these
    activities are to contribute to maximize profitability in gaming projects
    and entertainment.

    Strengthening the artner position in the b lockchain service area and acquiring new clients
    in this respect, it should be the next direction of actions planned to be taken in 2019 - 202 1.
    The company using the existing experience in the implementation of projects based on
    for blockchain, its plans are based both on entities from the e-commerce sector and on
    increasing the involvement in integration services for large commercial projects. these
    The company wants to implement as high-margin projects due to the know-how acquired so far -

    how and considering the scalability of already existing solutions, which should translate into
    higher level of profitability of these projects in the future.

    S will increase revenue
    The steps planned to be taken by the Management Board to increase revenues will be based
    to increase the profitability of contracts being executed, as well as acquired from new projects.

    Human and material resources
    The Company's strategy for 2019-202 assumes the continuation of policies and outsourcing gui restrictions
    expenses related to the company's operating activities. Providing resources necessary for
    implementation of concluded contracts as well as future projects is based on experienced
    and subcontractors teams constantly cooperating with the Company.

    Strategy for building value and long-term growth of a share of shares
    The Company's strategy for 2019 - 2021 adopts the use of the tax strategy in the field
    reduced to 9% CIT, which should additionally translate into an increase in net profit.

    The Management Board, as part of the powers granted by the Extraordinary General Assembly of Shareholders of December 10th
    carry out buy-back of shares for redemption, within the limits and on specific terms
    at the NWZA. The allocation of free funds for the purchase of shares and for their redemption
    from the point of view of shareholders seems to be a more favorable solution than payment
    dividends due to lower tax charges and a long-term increase in the value of shares.

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