LOGZACT SA IN RESTRUCTURING (3/2018) Information about the financial report for 2017

DGA Centrum Sanacji Firm S.A. - The manager of Logzact S.A. in restructuring (hereinafter referred to as LOGZACT) presents information on work related to the preparation of the financial statements Logzact S.A. in restructuring for 2017:
1. In connection with the resignations made, no member is member of the Company's Management Board.
2. In connection with the resignations submitted, no member shall sit on the Company's Supervisory Board. 3. The company does not have a signed contract with an auditing company to audit the financial statements for 2017.
4. According to the Articles of Association, the competences of the LOGZACT Supervisory Board include the selection of a statutory auditor (audit firm).
5. Lack of the Supervisory Board makes it impossible to choose an auditor.
6. The Administrator informed significant Shareholders about the lack of an agreement with the statutory auditor who could audit the financial report for 2017 and asked whether as LOGZACT Shareholders they would initiate an Extraordinary Meeting of Shareholders in order to appoint new members to the Supervisory Board, who will then choose the chartered accountant.
7. Until the date of publication of this report, the Shareholders did not take the initiative to convene the general meeting.
8. Due to the above facts, the publication of the annual financial report for 2017 foreseen for 31 May 2018 is at risk. The publication of the annual financial report for 2017 will only take place after auditing the financial statements by a certified auditor. Due to the above information, it is not possible to determine when it will happen.

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Company information
Company name:Logzact SA
Adress: ul. Towarowa 35 61-896 Poznań
Phone:+48 61 8590210

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