LPP SA (10/2018) Information about the dividend

The Management Board of LPP SA hereby informs that the Ordinary General Meeting of the Company on May 25, 2018 adopted Resolution No. 21 regarding the distribution of profit for the financial year 2017, pursuant to which the net profit achieved by the Company in the 2017 financial year in the amount of 493 427 050, 71 PLN (four hundred ninety three million four hundred twenty seven thousand fifty zlotys seventy one groszy) as follows:
1) PLN 73 342 480 (seventy three million three hundred and forty two thousand four hundred and eighty zlotys) to be distributed among shareholders as a dividend ;
2) the remaining part of the net profit in the amount of PLN 420 084 570, PLN 71 (four hundred twenty million eighty-four thousand five hundred and seventy zlotys and seventy-one grosz) excluded from distribution and transferred to the Company's supplementary capital. The Ordinary General Meeting has designated: August 24, 2018 as the day according to which the list of shareholders entitled to dividend for the fiscal year 2017 (dividend day) is determined, September 14, 2018 as the dividend payment date.
As at the date of adoption of the resolution: for each share of LPP SA, the amount of PLN 40.00 is due to the dividend, the number of shares of LPP SA entitled to the dividend is 1,833,345.
The Management Board of LPP SA simultaneously points out that the Company as part of the incentive program adopted by Resolution No. 21 of the Ordinary General Meeting of the Company of June 19, 2017, in case of adopting a relevant resolution by the Supervisory Board, LPP SA will offer participants of the incentive program (managers) a total of 117 shares of LPP SA from the Company (from the own shares) ). If these rights are exercised before the dividend record date, 117 shares will acquire the right to dividend. However, this will not affect the value of the dividend per share (PLN 40.00).

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