MODERN COMMERCE SA (18/2017) Correction of Report No. 10/2017 of 25/04/2017

In reference to the current report No. 10/2017 of 25/04/2017, the Management Board of Modern Commerce S.A. informs that as a result of typographical error, the number of financial instruments that were allocated as part of the subscription or sale was incorrectly indicated. It was: As part of the issue, 12,000,000 ordinary K series bearer shares were taken up. Is: 13,500,000 ordinary shares were covered by the issue bearer of the K series. The company provides the full content of the report below: Modern Commerce SA in connection with the closure, on 25/04/2017, of subscription for K series shares issued on the basis of Resolution No. 01/02/2017 of the Issuer's Management Board of 27 February 2017 regarding increasing the Company's share capital as part of the authorized capital, herewith informs as follows: 1. the start and end dates of subscription or sale; the date of subscription commencement - 27/02/2017 end date of subscription - 25/04/2017 2. the date of allocation of financial instruments; 25/04/2017 3. the number of financial instruments included in the subscription or sale; The closed subscription covered up to 13,500,000 ordinary series K bearer shares 4. reduction rates in individual tranches in the case when even in one tranche the number of allocated financial instruments was lower than the number of financial instruments for which subscriptions were made; The subscription was carried out without any reduction. 5. the number of financial instruments that have been allocated as part of the subscription or sale; 13,500,000 ordinary series K bearer shares were taken up within the scope of the issue. 6. the price at which the financial instruments were purchased (taken up); PLN 0.10 (ten grosz) for each share. 7. description of the method of covering the shares (determination whether the shares were taken up for cash, for cash contributions in other ways or for non-cash contributions); The shares were taken up for cash. 8. the number of persons who subscribed for financial instruments subject to subscription or sale in individual tranches; As part of the private subscription for series K shares, three subscriptions for shares were placed. 9. the number of persons to whom financial instruments have been allocated under the subscription orsales in individual tranches; Series K shares were allocated to three persons: two natural persons and one legal person. 10. names (companies) of underwriters who took financial instruments as part of performing underwriting agreements, specifying the number of financial instruments they took, together with the actual price of the financial instrument unit (issue or sale price, after deduction of remuneration for the take-over of a financial instrument unit) underwriting agreements, acquired by the underwriter); The Issuer has not concluded any subscription agreement for K series shares. 11. cumulative determination of the costs that have been included in the costs of issue, with an indication of the amount of costs according to their titles, at least broken down into costs: a) preparation and performance of the offer approx. PLN 13,000 b) underwriter fees, separately for each of them, PLN 0.00 c) preparation of a public information document or information document, including consultancy costs, notarial, tax: 0.00 PLN d) offer promotion: 0.00 PLN - along with the methods of settling these costs in the accounting books and the manner of their recognition in the issuer's financial statements. 12. The method of accounting for costs referred to in point 11 in the accounting books and the manner of their recognition in the Issuer's financial statements: Pursuant to art. 36. ust. 2b. of the Accounting Act. Legal basis: §4 para. 1 of Annex No. 3 to the Alternative Trading System Regulations - "Current and Periodic Information provided in the Alternative Trading System on the NewConnect market".

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