MOSTOSTAL WARSZAWA SA (68/2017) Signing a new contract for the construction of a multi-family residential building "L3" in Szczecin at ul. Panoramic and Krasinski

The Management Board of Mostostal Warszawa S.A. ("Company", "Contractor") informs that yesterday the Company signed with Ronson Development Partner 4 Limited Liability Company - Panoramika Spółka komandytowa ("Inwestor") a construction contract in the general contracting system consisting in the construction and obtaining of a final permit for use for a multi-family residential building, defined in the project documentation as the "L3" building, including ground-based parking spaces, necessary access and access roads and accompanying infrastructure, including networks and connections and land development, in Szczecin, ul. Panoramiczna i Krasińskiego on the plot no. 50/9, from the area of ​​Pogodno ("Investment"). . Deadline: 16 months from the date of notifying the Contractor by the Investor of the intention to start construction of the Investment and additionally 2 months to obtain on behalf of Investor's decision on the permission to use the Investment. Contractor's remuneration: PLN 15.45 million net. The investor is entitled to withdraw from this Contract until December 31, 2018. If the Contractor is delayed by the completion of the unfinished construction of the L4 building carried out on the basis of a separate construction contract, which the Company announced in Current Report No. 67/2017 as of today, the period reserved for the Investor to perform the contractual right of withdrawal from the Agreement will be extended by the number days equal to the number of days of the Contractor's delay, but it can not take place later than by 30/04/2019. The Company will announce the fulfillment of the above-mentioned conditions by a separate message.

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Company name:Mostostal Warszawa SA
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