OT LOGISTICS SA (28/2017) Information regarding the tender for the purchase of the shares of Luka Rijeka d.d.

The Management Board of OT Logistics S.A. ("Issuer", "Company") informs that on August 28, 2017, it received information from the website of the Croatian privatization agency ("CERP") that in the tender announced by the aforementioned institution for the sale of 1.584.124 shares of Luka Rijeka d.d. with its registered office in Rijeka (Croatia), the binding offer for the purchase of shares submitted by the Issuer is the only tender comprising all the required elements. The shares being the subject of the tender represent 11.75 per cent of the share capital of Luka Rijeka d.d. According to the offer submitted by the company, the total purchase price of the above-mentioned The share price was set at PLN 45.6 million, which is 50 HRK per share (the tender conditions specified a minimum price per share of HRK 49.00). In accordance with the terms of the tender, the formal bid submission will now be verified. making a decision regarding the acceptance of the offer or its rejection. If the Company's offer is accepted, the sale of shares will take place in the form of a block trade concluded on the Stock Exchange in Zagreb, which will be settled on 7 September 2017. OT Logistics S.A. is a shareholder of Luka Rijeka since 2015. The Issuer currently holds 20.81 percent of shares in this company. After the successful acquisition of shares subject to the abovementioned The Issuer will increase its stake to 32.56 per cent of the share capital of Luka Rijeka d.d. Purchase of Luka Rijeka shares d.d. - the operator of the largest port in Croatia forms part of the development strategy adopted by the Ot Logistics Capital Group for 2016-2021, adopted in April 2016, which includes taking control over Luka Rijeka d.d.

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