PLAY COMMUNICATIONS SA (7/2018) The validation of the frequency reservation decision

The Management Board of Play Communications S.A. ("Company") informs that pursuant to an agreement concluded between P4 Sp. .o.o. ("Play") and the Universal Information Agency of S.A. ("PAGI") on December 30, 2017 and on the basis of a decision received from the President of the Office of Electronic Communications ("UKE President") on April 5, 2018 with No. DZC.WAP.514.1.2018.10 regarding the change of the entity having frequency reservation in the scope four duplex radio channels, each 3.5 MHz wide, numbered 25, 26, 27, 28, in the range 3600-3800 MHz in the tender area 14.3 covering areas in the Mazovian region (1), which became final and effective on 19 April 2018 with the provisions of the above-mentioned agreement between Play and PAGI. Based on the above decision from the President of UKE regarding the disposition together with 2 x 14 MHz blocks, the frequency reservation is forwarded by PAGI to Play. Frequency will be used to: (i) maximize available capacity and usability for AirFibre services using 4G technology; and (ii) maximizing the use of frequency resources for 5G technology. The company is pleased to include these frequencies in a strong portfolio. CEO Play, Jørgen Bang-Jensen comments on the acquisition of the above frequency: "We pay a lot of attention to the further development of our wireless platform at Play. PAGI in the 3.7 GHz band enrich the capabilities of our radio network and strengthen our leading position in order to more effectively commercialize the offer of Wireless-to-Home based on AirFibre strategies, we are also more advanced in the 5G ecosystem for mobile services and vertically integrated lines We are happy to add this frequency reservation to the recently purchased frequency reservation in the 3700 MHz band for 28 MHz unpaired bandwidth.PGR 3.7GHz frequency reserve will allow us to cover some of the most attractive region in Poland, which is the Masovian Province, generating 22% of production which is the gross national income of Poland and is inhabited by 14% of the country's population. Play is happy to add this frequency to the already strong portfolio. " (1) Glinojeck, Gołymin-Ośrodek, Ojrzeń, Sońsk in the Ciechanow poviat, Baranów, Grodzisk Mazowiecki, Jaktorów, Żabia Wola, citiesMilanówek, Podkowa Leśna in the Grodziski poviat; Jabłonna, Nieporęt, Serock, Wieliszew communes, Legionowa mares in the Legionowo poviat; the communes of Czosnów, Leoncin, Nasielsk, Pomiechówek, Zakroczym, the city of Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki in the Nowodworski poviat; the municipalities of Karczew, Sobienie-Jeziory, Wiązowna, the towns of Józefów, Otwock in the Otwock poviat; gminas Góra Kalwaria, Konstancin-Jeziorna, Lesznowola, Piaseczno, Prażmów, Tarczyn in the Piaseczno poviat; communes Baboszewo, Czerwińsk nad Wisłą, Dzierzążnia, Joniec, Naruszewo, Nowe Miasto, Płońsk, Sochocin, Załuski, the cities of Płońsk in the Płońsk poviat; the municipalities of Brwinów, Michałowice, Nadarzyn, Raszyn, Piastów, and Pruszków in the Pruszków poviat; Teresin commune in the Sochaczew poviat; Błonie, Izabelin, Kampinos, Leszno, Łomianki, Ożarów Mazowiecki, and Stare Babice communes in the Warsaw West District; Dąbrówka, Jadów, Klembów, Poświętne, Radzymin, Strachówka, Tłuszcz, Wołomin municipalities, Kobyłka, Marki, Ząbki, and Zielonka communities in the Wołomin district; Somianka, Wyszków, Zabrodzie communes in the wyszkowski powiat; Mszczonów communes, Puszcza Mariańska, Radziejowice, Wiskitki, the city of Żyrardów in the Żyrardów poviat; of the capital city of Warsaw in the Mazowieckie voivodeship

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