POLMED SA (6/2018) Conclusion of an annex to the lease agreement by a subsidiary of the Issuer

The Management Board of POLMED S.A. with its registered office in Starogard Gdanski, informs that on April 24, 2018 it received information that an annex was concluded on that day (hereinafter: Annex) between Sirius Investments Sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Gdańsk (the Lessor) and the Issuer's subsidiary - Polmed Development Sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Starogard Gdański (Tenant) to the lease agreement of the business premises and the agreement on the terms of cooperation of July 2, 2010, the subject of which is the lease of business premises in the building of the Manhattan shopping center at al. Grunwaldzka 82 in Gdańsk. By the strength of the Annex, the area of ​​the leased premises has been increased from 311.4 m2 to 628.4 m2, i.e. by another 317 m2. In addition, the Lessor undertook to carry out the renovation and adaptation work specified by the parties to prepare a new lease area for the needs of the business conducted by the Lessee. The enlarged area is to be picked up by the Lessee after completion of these works by October 1, 2018. The duration of the contract has been set at 28 years since the original issue of the premises (ie from December 2010). The Landlord's right was also determined, starting from October 1, 2030, to terminate this contract with a six-month notice in the event of a planned rebuilding of the Shopping Center or a change in its function, with the Lessee waiving any claims against the Lessor related to the earlier termination of the contract. Estimated as of the date of publication of this report, the contract value for the entire remaining period of its validity, resulting from the rent expressed in EUR converted according to the average exchange rate announced by the National Bank of Poland on April 23, 2018 and the total of advances for exploitation fees, is about 7,569 thousand . PLN. Other conditions of the Annex do not differ from the terms and conditions commonly used for this type of contracts. The subject Annex entered into force on April 24, 2018.

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