POLWAX SA (23/2017) Admission and introduction to exchange trading on the WSE Main List of series D bearer ordinary shares of the company Polwax S.A.

The Management Board of Polwax S.A. ("Company") informs that on 13/07/2017 received resolution No. 763/2017 of the Management Board of the Warsaw Stock Exchange SA ("WSE") dated 13 July 2017, on the basis of which the WSE Management Board: 1) Pursuant to § 19 subpara. 1 and 2 of the Stock Exchange Regulations, that 13,250 (one hundred thirty five thousand two hundred fifty) ordinary bearer shares of the D-series of Polwax SA, with a nominal value of PLN 0.05 (five groszy) each, are admitted to trading on the primary market. 2) Acting pursuant to § 38 section 1 and 3 of the Stock Exchange Regulations, decides to introduce on July 17 2017. in ordinary trading for stock exchange trading on the main market, the Company's shares mentioned in point 1), provided that the National Depository for Securities SA. on July 17, 2017 registration of these shares and marking them with the code "PLPOLWX00026". The above resolution is a continuation of the process, about which the Company informed in the current report No. 22/2017 of 28/06/2017. (Conditional registration of shares in the National Depository for Securities S.A.). Detailed legal basis: § 34 para. 1 point 2, 3 of the Regulation of the Minister of Finance of 19 February 2009 on current and periodic information published by issuers of securities and conditions for recognizing as equivalent information required by the laws of a non-member state.

Source: company website, investor relations, current and periodic reports.

Company information
Company name:Polwax SA
Adress: ul. 3-go Maja 101 38-200 Jasło
Phone:+48 13 4466241

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