PRAGMA FAKTORING SA (23/2018) Termination of a bank loan agreement at the Issuer's request

The Issuer announces that today, ie on 30 March 2018, it signed an annex to the overdraft facility agreement concluded earlier with one of the banks dealing with financing business entities under which the loan agreement was terminated on 30 March 2018 The credit agreement limit amounted to PLN 9.5 million. The solution was at the Issuer's request and was connected with the necessity of deleting the bank's mortgages due to the completed or planned sale of some of the real estate securing the Issuer's loan liabilities (owned by the Issuer and Pragma Inkaso SA) it will not be important for its financial situation, because the Issuer will receive cash in connection with the sale of the above-mentioned property, allowing him to replace the funds used for the repayment of the loan. After terminating the above-mentioned loan agreement, the Issuer has two working capital loans for the amount of PLN 20 million and PLN 10 million. Legal basis: art. 56 sec. 1 point 1 of the Act on Public Offering - confidential information

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Company name:Pragma Faktoring SA
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