PZ CORMAY SA (35/2018) The PARP approved the report on the Equisse project

PZ CORMAY SA Management Board based in Łomiankach ("Company") informs that the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development has approved the report on the implementation of the results of industrial research and development work of the project "Innovative biochemical system - analyzer with a reagent line - respecting customer needs" covered on the basis of the agreement of October 23, 2009 financial support under Measure 1.4 POIG number UDA-POIG.01.04.00-06-011 / 09-00 ("Equisse Agreement").
In the opinion of the Management Board of the Company, it significantly reduces the risk related to this project. Within one year from the approval of the implementation report, the Company is required to provide information on the social and economic effects of the implementation. The Company also indicates that the information regarding other projects under which the Company obtained financing was presented in point 9.2 of Chapter VII of the interim condensed consolidated financial statements of the Company, being part of the consolidated quarterly report for the third quarter of 2018, published on November 14. 2018 (pp. 26-28 of this report).

Source: company website, investor relations, current and periodic reports.

Company information
Company name:PZ Cormay SA
Adress: ul. Wiosenna 22 05-092 Łomianki
Phone:+48 22 7517910

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