REDAN SA (29/2018) Issue of Redan SA bonds and establishment of their collateral

The Management Board of Redan SA ("Issuer") informs that on August 10, 2018, it adopted a resolution to issue series F bonds, in accordance with the assumptions provided in current report No. 26/2018 on 10 August 2018. The issued bonds have the following features: br /> 1. Type of bonds: bearer bonds in the form of a document
2. Nominal value of one bond: PLN 1,000.00
3. The issue price of one bond: PLN 990.00
4 Issue size: 13,000 bonds, with a total nominal value of PLN 13,000,000
5. Issue objectives:
1) PLN 7 million - will be allocated to Redan SA taking up newly issued TXM SA shares;
2) PLN 5 million - will be used for partial repayment of Redan SA's loan to HSBC Bank Polska SA, resulting from the import loan agreement and the letter of credit line No. 80/2014 between the parties;
3) PLN 1 million - will be used to secure off-balance sheet products, such as documentary letters of credit or guarantees of proper performance of lease contracts within the Company's capital group.
6. Interest: fixed.
7. Maturity: 2 8.
8. The bonds will be amortized - 200 bonds will be redeemed by Redan every month except January, February and March 2019.
9. Right to demand early redemption by bondholders: in the event of certain events occurring, typical for this type of financial instruments, bondholders will be entitled to submit bonds for early repurchase
10. Right to demand early redemption by the Issuer: after 7 months from the issue date, the Issuer is entitled to early redemption of all or part of the bonds
The bonds were offered to investors in accordance with the applicable legal regulations, in private issue only in the territory of Rzeczpospolita Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. The entire issue of bonds was acquired on 10 August 2018.
The Issuer also signed agreements establishing the following security for series F bonds:
1. granting a surety by Top Secret sp. O.o. (a company wholly owned by the Issuer) along with a statement on subjecting Top Secret sp. z o.o. execution;
2. submission by Redan SA of a declaration of submission to enforcement; 3. establishing a registered pledge on 2,500,000 shares of Redan SA;
4. establishment of a registered pledge on all shares in Top Secret sp. o.o .;
5.establishment of a registered pledge on 4.800.000 registered shares, preferential to TXM SA, which the Issuer owns; 6. establishing a registered pledge on inventories of commercial goods belonging to Top Secret sp. o.o .; 7. establishing a registered pledge on inventories of commercial goods owned by the Issuer; 8. establishment of a registered pledge on the protection rights to trademarks of Top Secret sp. o.o .;
9. transfer for securing the claims due to the Issuer from Top Secret sp. o.o. resulting from 2 loan agreements.

Source: company website, investor relations, current and periodic reports.

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