RSY SA (4/2017) Change in ownership of the Shares

Legal stance: Art. 70 p. 1 of the Public Offering Act - purchase or sale of a significant block of shares Legal basis: Art. 69 of the Act on public offering RSY S.A. with its registered office in Iława (hereinafter: "Company", "Issuer"), pursuant to Art. 69 of the Act of 29.07.2005 on Public Offering, Conditions Governing the Introduction of Financial Instruments to Organized Trading, and Public Companies (Journal of Laws No. 184, item 1539, as amended) hereby informs that on October 6th it received a notification from ZASTAL SA with its registered office in Iława ("Shareholder") that as a result of the agreement to transfer ownership of shares on 29 September 2017, the level of involvement of the Company in the share capital and votes at the general meeting of the RSY S.A. company changed. based in Iława (hereinafter "the Issuer"), resulting in a change in the share held by more than 33% of the total number of votes by at least 1% of the total number of votes. Before the transaction, the Company held 7,604,500 shares for bearers of the RSY S.A. entitling in total to 68.51% of the Issuer's share capital and, at the same time, entitling to exercise 68.51% of votes at the general meeting. After the transaction, the Shareholder currently holds 6,824,709 bearer shares of the company RSY SA, entitling in total to 61.48% stake in the Issuer's share capital and at the same time entitling to exercise 61.48% of votes at the general meeting. In addition, the Shareholder informed that the entity dependent on the Shareholder has 3,661,261 shares of the Issuer and that there are no persons referred to in Article 87 par. 1 point 3 lit. C above mentioned act. During the next 12 months, the Shareholder does not exclude an increase or decrease in the shareholding in the Issuer's shareholding.

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Company information
Company name:RSY SA
Adress: ul. Grunwaldzka 13 14-200 Iława
Phone:+48 89 6482131

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