SARE SA (13/2018) Receipt of notification of the sale of a significant block of shares

Legal basis: Article 70 item 1 of the Act on the offer - purchase or sale of a significant block of shares The Management Board of SARE SA with its registered office in Rybnik ("Issuer", "Company") informs that today it received from Mr. Damian Rutkowski, notification prepared in accordance with art. 69 par. 1 and par. 2, on reducing the share in the share capital of the Company owned by Mr. Damian Rutkowski and in the total number of votes at the general meeting of SARE SA, below 5%. The reduction of the share in the share capital so far held and the number of votes held so far took place as a result of the sale by Mr. Damian Rutkowski of 131,200 shares, constituting 5.9% of the share capital of the Company. The change in share held took place on 20/02/2018 in the result of the settlement of the tender offer to sell the Company's shares. Currently, Mr. Damiana Rutkowski does not have the right to vote at the general meeting of the Company and does not have a share in the Issuer's share capital. The content of the notification is attached to this report. < / br>

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Company information
Company name:Sare SA
Adress: ul. Raciborska 35a 44-200 Rybnik
Phone:+48 32 4210180

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