SERINUS ENERGY INC. (44/2017) An accident at the Moftinu 1001 borehole

Acting on the basis of art. 62 par. 8 act on the offer, the management of SERINUS ENERGY INC. ("Serinus" or "Company") informs that in Canada, the SEDAR system informs that on Monday, 18 December 2017 at 01:49 (CET time) during routine activities preparing the Moftinu well for further production, there was an unexpected release of gas, which resulted in ignition. The company continued the process of blasting the borehole before resuming production. At the time of the accident, the blowout preventer ("BOP") was connected to the wellhead. The near-well zone was evacuated and secured, and none of the staff and contractors of the Company suffered any injuries. The company's drilling director and drilling contractor are now working to restore control over the well. The regional fire department of Satu Mare reacted immediately and is in the area of ​​the borehole to prevent the spread of fire. Representatives of the city of Moftinu, the Satu Mare region and the National Agency for Natural Resources are also on site. The reasons for this accident are currently unknown and the most important task for the Company is to securely and quickly regain control over the gas well. The company will keep the market informed about developments. This text is a translation of selected parts of a press release originally prepared in English and made public by the Company in the territory of its registered office through the SEDAR system, which is available in full in the language on the website after entering the name of the company SERINUS ENERGY INC. at: In addition, the translation of the full text of the press release is available on the website

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