SOHO DEVELOPMENT SA (87/2018) Entry of amendments to the Articles of Association and reduction of the share capital to the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register. Consolidated text

Legal basis: Article 56 para. 1 point 2 of the Act on the offer - current and periodic information
Board of Soho Development SA with its registered office in Warsaw (hereinafter the "Company") notifies that on the basis of information received from the websites of the Ministry of Justice, it has knowledge that on December 4, 2018, the District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw Of Warsaw made an entry for the reduction of the Company's share capital adopted pursuant to Resolution No. 4 of the General Meeting of the Company of November 15, 2018 regarding the redemption of series E own shares, reduction of the share capital and amendment of the Company's statute.
By virtue of the entry of the capital reduction in the Register of Entrepreneurs, 7.339.449 (in words: seven million, three hundred and thirty-nine thousand, four hundred and forty-nine) series E shares of the Company were redeemed.
The current amount and structure of the Company's share capital is as follows:
The share capital of the Company is PLN 3,364,631,90 (in words: three million three hundred sixty four thousand six hundred thirty one zlotys and 90/100) and is divided for 36,466,319 shares with a nominal value of PLN 0.10 (ten groszy) each, including: -
1) 2,144,307 (in words: two million one hundred and thirty four thousand three hundred and seven) ordinary bearer series shares And from the number 00.000.001 to the number 02.134.307; 2) 11.292.038 (in words: eleven million, two hundred and ninety-two thousand and thirty-eight) ordinary bearer shares of series B from the number 00.000.001 to the number 11.292.038;
3) 521.878 (in words: five hundred twenty one thousand eight hundred seventy eight) ordinary bearer shares series C from the number 00.000.001 to number 521.878;
4) 6,047.121 (in words: six million forty seven thousand one hundred and twenty one) ordinary bearer shares series D from the number 00.000.001 to number 06.047.121;
5) 13.650.975 (in words: thirteen million six hundred fifty thousand nine hundred seventy five) ordinary bearer series E shares from the number 00.000.001 to the number 13.650.975.
As at the date of publication of the report, the Company has no own shares. The uniform text of the Company's Articles of Association, taking into account the above changes, is included in the Appendix to this report.

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    (consolidated text)
    Text included
    daily changes to the statute adopted during the Extraordinary General Meeting
    Assembly on November 15, 2018

    Article 1
    The company operates under companies
    SOHO Development Joint Stock Company. The company may be using
    shortcut of SOHO Development SA
    Article 2
    The company is the capital city of Warsaw.
    Article 3
    Za o
    The Company's founder is the State Treasury.
    Article 4
    The company operates under the Act of 15 September
    2000 Code of the Companies
    Handlowe (Journal of Laws No. 94 item 1037). The company stayed for
    she on the basis of the Act of
    on April 30, 1993 on national and investment funds and their privatization
    (OJ No. 44, item 202 of the
    changes), which are found in the regulations
    application to the Company until the loss of its power by 1 January 2013.
    Article 5
    5.1. The company operates in the territory of the Republic of Poland.
    5.2. Company mo
    e establishes and operates its branches in the territory of the Republic of Poland
    Article 6
    The duration of the Company is unlimited.

    Article 7
    7.1. Subject of activity
    The Company is:
    1) implementation of construction projects in the residential and commercial segment;
    2) management
    implementation of development projects;
    3) purchase and sale
    real estate for each account;
    4) rental and management
    property in rent or rented.
    7.2. (be deleted
    Article 8
    8.1 Independent
    not from point 7.1., The Company may take and conduct activities
    in terms of:
    1) acquiring b
    d taking over shares, shares and other securities
    registered entities operating in Poland,
    2) exercising rights from shares, shares and other securities
    networking sites
    3) Reg
    the acquisition of shares, shares and other valuable securities,
    4) granting after
    loans to companies and other registered entities
    in Poland,
    5) clogs
    borrowing and loans for the Company's purposes.
    Article 9
    9.1. The share capital of the Company is PLN 3,364,631,90 (three million three hundred
    ten t four thousand six hundred thirty one and 90/100) and divided into
    33,464,319 shares worth PLN
    nominal value of 0.10 PLN (tens) each, including: -
    1) 2,144,307 (words: two million one hundred thirty
    four thousand three hundred seven)
    A series ordinary bearer shares from 00.0 00.001 to number
    02134307; -------
    2) 11.292.038 (words: eleven
    million million two hundred and ten thousand two thousand
    eight) ordinary bearer series B shares from n 0000.001 to
    number 11.292.038; --------------------------------- ------------ ------------------------------
    3) 521.878 (articles: pi
    twenty thousand, one hundred and seventy thousand
    eight) ordinary C series bearer shares from nume ru 00.000.001 to the number
    521.878; ------------------------------------------- ----- -----------------------------------------
    4) 6,047.121 (letters: six
    million, forty-seven thousand, one hundred and twenty
    one) series D ordinary bearer shares from nume ru 00.000.001 to the number
    06.047.121; ---------------------------------------- ------ ---------------------------------------
    5) 13.650.975 (three seasons)
    ten million six hundred thousand five hundred thousand

    seventy t and t) ordinary series E bearer shares from 00.00000.001
    to the number 13.650.975.
    9.2. The share capital may be
    e to be covered with both money and inserts
    9.3. Shares of the Company may
    to be redeemed with the consent of the shareholder by purchasing them
    by the Company
    (voluntary cancellation).
    9.4. Company mo
    e acquires shares in certain cases specified in the provisions of the Act from
    15.09.2000 - the Code of Commercial Companies, in order to redeem them.
    9.5. The redemption of the Company's shares requires a resolution of the General Shareholders Meeting, subject to
    Art. 363 couples 5 KSH. Resolutions of the General Meeting are set out in
    you: legal basis for redemption, high salary
    help me
    the shareholder of the redeemed shares will be justified by the redemption without
    remuneration, date and place of payment of wages and benefits
    shareholder decrease in
    investment capital.
    Article 9a
    (be deleted
    Article 9b
    (be deleted

    Article 9c
    Conditional elevation
    investment capital
    1. Okre
    and the nominal value of conditional capital increase
    of the Fund for amounts
    no more than 450,000 from (four hundred and fifty)
    from those).
    2. Conditional elevations
    the capital of the plant is effected through issue
    new ordinary bearer series F shares are worth
    nominal value 0.10 from
    groszy) each, in a number not exceeding 4,500,000 (four million
    set thousand).
    3. The issue price of series F shares taken up in the rights of warrants
    subscription series A - amounts to 1.64 from (one of sixth and sixth)
    ten t four
    grosze) which is 6 months
    average company's share price at the close of the session
    gie dowych Gienie Papierów Warto ciowych in Warsaw SA on
    preceding the day of the Resolution, conditional increase
    capital u.
    4. Series F shares b
    d ordinary shares.
    5. Series F shares may
    was taken up by eligible warrants
    subscription series A issued on the basis of uc no 3 from day 22
    June 2017 of the Extraordinary General Meeting of Soho
    Development SA regarding the adoption of the incentive program through
    of series A subscription warrants, conditional for an exemption

    capital of the Company by issuing series F shares, exclusions in
    these pre-emptive rights of the current shareholders of the Company to be acquired
    of series A subscription warrants and new series F and series shares
    with this change in the Articles of Association of the Company.
    Article 10
    All shares of the company are
    ordinary bearer shares.
    Article 11
    Company mo
    e issues bonds, including convertible bonds and bonds with the law
    Article 12
    Company's organs
    A. Zarz
    B. Supervisory Board
    C. General Meeting
    A. ZARZ
    Article 13
    13.1. Management
    consists of one to three members, including President Zar from du,
    used for joint
    five years of cadence.
    13.2. The Supervisory Board
    Within the above limits, the number of the Board and the number of appointees
    President and other members of the Board
    13.3. The Supervisory Board or the General Meeting may
    e cancellation of the Management Board or
    its individual members, including the President of the Management Board
    du, before the expiration of the term.
    13.4. (be deleted
    Article 13a
    (be deleted

    Article 14
    14.1. Management
    d performs all management powers of the Company, except
    reserved by law and this Statute for other authorities
    14.2. Operation mode
    du, as well as matters that may be entrusted to individual
    its members, mo
    e specifies in detail the regulations of the Management Board, adopted
    by Zarz
    Article 15
    15.1. To be applied for
    guarantees and signing on behalf of the Company, subject to the opinion
    double, two or more members of the Board are required
    part of the board
    together with a commercial proxy, including one attorney. IN
    case of management
    du single-person to apply for and sign in
    The sole responsibility of the Company is the operation of the sole management board member
    15.2. (be deleted
    Article 16
    16.1. In contracts, he will
    between the Management Board members in disputes with them
    represents the Company
    Board of directors. The Supervisory Board may authorize, on the road
    resolutions of one or more
    members of the Supervisory Board to do such
    legal persons.
    16.2. Employees of the Company are subject to
    The Management Board, which concludes and terminates contracts with them
    and determines their remuneration according to the rules determined by the applicable laws
    Article 17
    17.1. The Supervisory Board is composed of
    from six (six) to seven (seven) members. Members
    The Supervisory Board is appointed
    for a joint five-year term,
    the further provisions of this paragraph. The General Meeting
    e adopted a resolution to shorten the term of office of the Supervisory Board.
    17.2. The members of the Supervisory Board shall appoint and dismiss the General Meeting.
    17.3. In the case of extending
    the mandate of a member of the Supervisory Board before the expiration
    the term of office, other members of the Supervisory Board are authorized to
    to co-opt in
    its place as a new member of the Supervisory Board, in the opinion of
    bottom of most geese of all these members. The so-called mandate
    member of the Supervisory Board extends
    no, if within six (six) months from
    his appointment in a way
    in the previous sentence, his choice will not be
    approved by the General Meeting. At a given time, in the composition of the Supervisory Board
    e enters only two members appointed in the course of this order

    provisions on which the resolution of the General Meeting was not adopted
    approval of their appointment. Wyga
    of the mandate of a member of the Supervisory Board in
    zku with the lack of its approval by the General Assembly does not affect
    resolutions in which taking part is taken.
    17.4. Powi w
    c shareholders of the Supervisory Board (and in the situation described in art.
    17.3 Yes
    e other members of the Supervisory Board) should make sure that
    at least 3 (three) members of the Supervisory Board are incumbent on independent criteria
    indicated in the "Best Practices of Companies Listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange", admitted
    those by
    Gie d
    Securities in Warsaw SA, however, changes in relation
    to the principles contained in the above regulations,
    e as a relation with a shareholder
    ce the independence of a member of the Supervisory Board is understood as
    real and important relation
    with a shareholder with the right to exercise
    over 10% of the total number of votes at the General Meeting of the Company.
    Article 18
    18.1. The Supervisory Board elects a Chair from among its members
    Council. The Vice-President of the Council should be elected
    The members of the Council appointed pursuant to art. 17.4.
    18.2. President
    The Supervisory Board will convene the meeting of the Supervisory Board and the chairman of them.
    The first meeting of the newly elected Supervisory Board will be convened by the Management Board
    d, without eyes
    after her appointment, and presides over him until the election of the new Chair
    the oldest member of the newly appointed Supervisory Board.
    Article 19
    19.1. The Supervisory Board holds meetings, at least once a quarter.
    19.2. President
    the Supervisory Board or the Vice-Chairman of the Supervisory Board may
    convene a meeting of the Supervisory Board upon a written request at least
    two members of the Supervisory Board. The meeting should be
    convoked within
    week from day
    of the application, on a date not later than before
    up to 2 (two) weeks from the date of the convocation.
    Article 20
    20.1 With reservation
    the provisions of Article 20.2 and 20.3., The Supervisory Board adopts resolutions
    majority of cast votes if there is present at the meeting
    least to those of her, and all of her know her well
    invited to the meeting, however, in the case of
    these axes settle the g
    Supervisory Board.
    The invitation is considered to be correct
    sending to the Council members will inform, with
    giving date, place and proposed order
    meeting, letters
    registered or mail
    by courier or by sending a fax message to
    the number indicated by the member of the Supervisory Board, or wiomomo
    e-mail on
    the e-mail address indicated by him, at least 3 days before
    planned date of the meeting, and in emergency situations - for at least one day

    before the planned date of the meeting. Rada Nadzorc za mo
    e take important

    also be adopted if, despite the lack of individual notifications
    members, b
    he is present at the meeting of the Council and agrees to participate
    the meeting is scheduled at the meeting and the meeting notice is sent
    Supervisory Board, a person appointed by him, differently different
    an entity authorized to convene a meeting of the Rada nad Porowcza.
    20.2. The members of the Supervisory Board may
    take part in adopting the resolution of the Council by giving back
    your voice on pi
    through another member of the Supervisory Board. Devotion
    g osu on pi
    This may not apply to matters introduced to the agenda of the meeting
    meeting of the Supervisory Board.
    20.3. The Supervisory Board of
    e pass resolutions in writing (by circulation), a
    e using means of direct communication at a distance of
    In particular
    these members of the Supervisory Board may vote on resolutions
    by sending a message
    by fax or e-mail, and
    e during meetings held as part of a teleconference or videoconference.
    Resolutions adopted as described in this Act. 20.3. b
    d important, unless
    all Council members have been notified about
    you resolutions in the manner indicated
    in art 20.1. above
    20.4. Taking a resolution in the mode specified
    in Article 20.2. and 20.3. it may not apply
    elections chairman
    and the deputy chairman of the Supervisory Board,
    a member of the board
    du, dismissal and suspension in the activities of these people.

    20.5. The Supervisory Board of
    e adopt its regulations specifying the detailed procedure
    the activities of the Supervisory Board.
    Article 21
    The Supervisory Board performs its duties
    collegially, but it can be delegated
    their members to fill their own lives
    supervisory activities.
    Article 22
    22.1. The Supervisory Board exercises permanent supervision over the day-to-day operations
    ci Company. The Supervisory Board is not
    has the right to issue a Board
    I have been instructed in the handling of cases
    22.2. In addition to the matters indicated in the Act, in other provisions of these Statutes
    or resolutions of the General Meeting, to the right
    and responsibilities of the Supervisory Board
    1) assessment of the financial statements for the current financial year and selection
    the entity authorized to audit the report
    2) evaluation of the report
    a large part of the Company's activity;
    3) submitting to the General Meeting a written report on the results
    those referred to in points 1) and 2), together with the report from
    of the Supervisory Board, taking into account the work of its committees,
    the assessment of the Company's situation, taking into account the assessment of the system

    internal control and risk management system important for the Company;

    4) assessment of applications
    large on the distribution of profit or loss coverage;
    5) (skre
    6) entering into contracts with the President of the Management Board
    du and the board members, like these
    determining the rules for their remuneration.
    7) approving the annual financial plan of the Company and the capital group
    Companies (in the sense of Mi
    international Reporting Standards
    Finansowa) - at the same time financial plan is not b
    day include companies from
    capital group of the Company, have
    status of public companies.
    22.3. Including
    pursuant to art. 22.4, consent of the Supervisory Board, expressed in the form of a resolution,
    required by the Company
    such activities as:
    1) Reg
    law or commitment of value
    10% of the net assets of the Company resulting from the last
    the separate financial statements of the Company;
    2) acquiring and selling real estate
    you, perpetual usufruct right or
    share still
    3) conclusion of a contract or execution by the Company
    or a subsidiary entity
    The company on another transaction basis is worth
    those over PLN 200,000.00: (a)
    part of the board
    du or (b) a member of the Company's Supervisory Board or (c) another
    part of key management personnel (in terms of
    International Financial Reporting Standards) of the Company or
    (d) a shareholder of the Company, May
    (directly or indirectly) the right to
    performing over 5% of the total number of votes at the general meeting
    Company, yes
    ez: (e) a close family member of the aforementioned person or employee
    (in the sense of Mi
    international Reporting Standards
    Finansowa), like these
    with: (f) entities in which they were previously indicated
    entities have
    significant economic interests understood as
    disposition after
    directly or indirectly the right to exercise over
    the total number of votes or the right to participate in over 20% of profit - on
    what are the entities referred to in this
    letters (f) do not think
    The company and companies from its capital group;
    4) conclusion by the Company
    or a subsidiary of the Company, or
    carrying out a transaction on a different basis, not provided for in the annual
    the financial plan of the Company and capital group of the Company approved by
    Overseeing, with a value exceeding 3.000.000,00 with or in the case of
    donations - exceed
    more than PLN 100,000.00,
    however, this does not apply to:
    a) transactions made by a subsidiary entity
    ny Holding company
    status of a public company;
    b) transactions carried out: (a) omi
    between the Company or Progress
    Closed-end investment fund
    including Non-Public Assets, and
    which is 100% dependent on (directly or indirectly) from
    The company or from Progress Fundusz Inwestycyjny Zamkli
    Non-public Assets, or (b) omissions
    between companies, which sw

    100% subsidiary (directly or indirectly) from the Company or from Progress
    Investment Fund Closed
    this Non-Public Assets;
    c) the disposal to 100% of wholly-owned
    from the Company
    on average or indirectly) or bring to such companies
    or interests in real estate for needs
    development projects (including participations, shares or
    other rights in relation
    zku with such bringing in);
    d) an excerpt
    disposal and disposal of residential or usable premises, as
    shares in property rights or in the right of use
    perpetual motion
    you (including commercial premises) like these
    division is still
    you, establishing suicide and others
    limited property rights to immovable property
    cut to
    media or media managers - made in
    within the scope of conducted activity
    development by subsidiaries;
    e) concluding and changing lease agreements for premises
    utility and residential
    to subsidiaries;
    f) conclusion and modification by subsidiary companies
    ne credit agreements or
    similar and issue of duo instruments
    for implementation
    property development investments carried out by these companies; and
    real estate of subsidiaries and interests in these e
    companies as well
    providing appropriate, standardized
    to banks and financiers or
    g) refinancing of fixed-term investments
    you and premises
    for lease or rent, by entering into contracts
    credit or similar concerns
    such as in particular
    you leaseback agreements
    and to establish standard security
    of this type
    h) conclusion of contracts regarding
    implementation of property development investments, in
    you contracts with general contractors of investments,
    designers and other entities
    who provide services
    construction and executive;
    5) express
    a) voting at a general meeting or a meeting of shareholders
    subsidiary companies
    (directly or indirectly) from the Company in which the Company
    or a capital group, the Company holds shares or shares for value
    10,000,000.00 from (determined on the basis of the last one
    periodic report of the Company), for hikes
    investment capital
    such company with you
    the first or foreseen participation rights, or
    pre-emptive rights, however, this does not apply to the situation in which
    all issued as part of the
    the participation of or
    the shares will be offered
    Companies or companies 100% subsidiary
    Companies (direct
    on average or indirectly); like these:
    b) voting on the Investors' Meeting of the Fund's Progress Fund
    Investment closed
    this Non-Public Assets for issue

    investment certificates, but this does not apply to the situation in
    which all issued certificates will be offered
    Company or
    companies 100% subsidiary
    from the Company (directly or indirectly); and
    c) for disposal or disposal
    for the benefit of third parties by the Progress Fund
    Investment Close
    you of Non-Public Assets held by
    Company's shares, however, this does not apply to the sale of shares in the Company
    for the Company to redeem them.
    22.4. All limits and thresholds set out in paragraph 22.3, refer
    si both to
    single transactions or operations
    you and their gu, i.e. a series of transactions and
    those made during the year with one entity or entities
    in a manner analogous to that laid down in Article 22.3 point 3). If given
    the limit or threshold would be
    exceeded in connection with the next transaction or
    those made during the year, the consent of the Supervisory Board is required
    making such a transaction or an act
    22.5. taken
    through the Supervisory Board resolutions on the selection of the authorized entity
    to test the report
    financial statements (article 22.2 item 1) and in the case referred to in
    Art. 22.3 point 3 requires - independent
    not from the requirements under art. 20 -
    vote for resolutions
    at least for two (two) members of the Council
    members referred to in Article 17.4.
    22.6. The Audit Committee operates within the Supervisory Board.
    22.7. President
    c of the Audit Committee should be elected among the Council members
    appointed pursuant to art. 17.4.
    22.8. The competences of the Audit Committee include
    y consultancy for the Supervisory Board in
    matters of
    implementation of the principles of budgetary and financial reporting
    and internal controls
    of the Company and the capital group (within the meaning of
    the Accounting Act
    ci) and cooperation with the auditors of the Company, other than
    matters indicated in the regulations of the Supervisory Board.
    Article 23
    To you
    General competence of the General Meeting should determine the remuneration
    members of the Supervisory Board.
    Article 24
    24.1. The Ordinary General Meeting shall be convened by the Management Board
    d. Starting from January 1, 2013
    The Ordinary General Meeting should be held
    at the latest on 6
    (ciu) months after the expiry of each financial year.
    24.2. The Extraordinary General Meeting will be convened by the Management Board
    your initiative, for a meal
    The Supervisory Board or shareholders represent
    at least 1/20 (unit
    ) share capital.
    24.3. Management
    and an extraordinary General Meeting within two (2) weeks from the date
    submitting the application referred to in art. 24.2.

    24.4. The Supervisory Board will convene the General Meeting:
    a) if the Management Board
    d no meeting of the Ordinary General Meeting in
    the prescribed date;
    b) them
    eli despite submitting the application referred to in art. 24.2., Board no
    the convocation of the Extraordinary General Meeting within the time limit referred to
    in art 24.3.
    c) them
    eli considers it necessary to convene the Extraordinary General Meeting as advisable.
    Article 25
    25.1 The Supervisory Board, shareholder or shareholder represents
    at least one
    share capital may place specific matters in
    the next General Meeting.
    the dish referred to in art. 25.1., It should be submitted to the Company not later than
    at 21 (twenty
    cia one) days before the date of the General Meeting. dish
    zg zgone after this date b
    day treated as a request for a convocation
    Extraordinary General Meeting.
    Article 26
    The General Meeting shall be held
    si in Warsaw.
    Article 27
    The General Assembly may
    e make resolutions regardless of the number of attendees
    shareholders or represented shares, with reservation
    Article 28a.
    Article 28
    28.1 Resolutions of the General Meeting are adopted
    the absolute majority of geese
    devotees, them
    This statute or the Act does not provide otherwise. Most of this
    it is required in particular
    you on the following matters:
    a) consideration and approval of the report
    big business of the Company and
    financial statements for the previous financial year;
    b) take
    resolutions regarding the distribution of profit or the coverage of installments;
    c) grant to the members of the bodies of the Company discharge for their performance
    not display;
    d) appointing and dismissing members of the Supervisory Board once the selection has been approved
    member of the Supervisory Board in co-optation mode, pursuant to art. 17.3;
    e) shortening the term of office of the Supervisory Board;
    f) creating an iu
    Life of reserve capital or reserve capital.
    28.2. Resolutions of the General Meeting on exchange issues
    they are taken
    ¾ (three fourths) of votes cast:

    a) change in the Statute of the Company, including the issue of new shares, subject to art. 28a;
    b) issue of convertible bonds or bonds with the first right
    covered by
    c) sale of enterprises
    companies of the Company;
    d) after
    the Company with another company;
    e) solution
    Company's concern;
    f) (skre
    g) (skre
    28.3. (be deleted
    28.4. Resolutions on the subject of amendments to the Articles of Association of the Company
    granting benefits
    shareholders or deplete
    rights granted to individuals individually
    shareholders require
    the consent of all shareholders concerned.
    28.5. To you
    the General Meeting of Shareholders should be granted discharge
    members of the Company's bodies from exercising their duties
    and take
    decisions regarding the person who has or performs the function
    member of the Supervisory Board
    or Management
    du, regarding the reimbursement or covering of coding, which
    this person mo
    e to be charged to a third party as a result
    for arising in connection with the performance of the function by the persons, if
    this person acts in good faith and in a way that is justified
    persuading that person to be in the best interests of the Company.
    28.6. It does not require the resolution of the General Meeting to be acquired or sold by the Company

    estate, perpetual usufruct or share of real property.
    28.7 In the Company mo
    on creates reserve funds (capital) to cover specific ones
    expenditure or losses, in particular
    reserve capital allocated for the purchase of shares
    in the company.
    Article 28a
    28a.1. In the period up to December 31, 2023,
    the resolution of the Company or
    about the transfer of its headquarters abroad
    the majority of 9/10 are taken (nine
    those) cast in the presence of shareholders representing what
    at least 3/4 (three fourths) of the share capital of the Company.
    28a.2. In the period up to December 31, 2023,
    including resolution resolutions
    of this Article. 28a, most of the 9/10 are taken (nine
    those) cast in the presence of shareholders representing what
    at least 3/4 (three fourths) of the share capital of the Company.
    Article 29
    The vote at the General Meeting is public. Secret voting management
    it was at
    elections and applications for dismissal of members of the bodies or liquidators
    Company b
    to take them to responsibility as well as in matters
    personal information. Secret voting belongs to
    y management on a dish though one of
    shareholders present or represented at the General Meeting.

    Article 30
    30.1. The General Meeting is opened by the Chair
    the Supervisory Board or its replacement, a
    from among persons entitled to participate in the General Assembly
    he chooses
    President. In the event of the absence of these persons, the General Meeting
    opens the President of Zarz
    du or a person indicated by the Board.
    30.2. The General Meeting adopts its regulations.
    Article 31
    The Company's fiscal and tax year is the period of duration
    12 consecutive years
    calendar dates, starting on the 1st of October of a given year
    calendar and ko
    parting on 30 September of the following calendar year.
    Article 32
    In you
    3 (three) months after the end of the financial year, the Management Board is obligated
    Supervisory Board reports on the annual financial statements and accurate
    written report on activities
    these companies during this period.
    Article 33
    acquisition of the right to dividend and the date of payment of the dividend is determined by General
    Meeting. The maturity date should be
    five no later than during 8 (o'clock)
    weeks from the date of acquisition of the right to dividend.
    Article 34
    34.1. The company publishes its announcements in Monitor S
    and Economic, unless e
    special provisions allow
    it is possible to make a payment in a different way.
    34.2. (be deleted
    34.3. Pi
    The term of office of the Supervisory Board for the first time applies to the Council for the first time
    Supervisory Board of the chosen Resolution
    No. 3 of 26 September 2008 of the General Shareholders Meeting
    The Assembly, whose term of office began
    on September 26, 2008.
    34.4. Before January 1, 2013, the Supervisory Board may
    e taken in connection with art.
    13.4 and art. 13a resolutions
    on appointment of the President of the Management Board for the term of office commencing with
    January 1, 2013. At the request of the person appointed here
    referred to in
    previous sentence, the Supervisory Board of
    e also before January 1, 2013.
    resolutions on the appointment or dismissal of members Zar z du na
    term of office
    starting on January 1, 2013. In case of taking

    by the Supervisory Board resolutions referred to in this art. 34.4, to people
    established on their basis in Zarz
    du from January 1, 2013.
    application find
    directly the provisions of art. 13a regarding length
    term of office, their dismissal, suspension and other regulations regulated in art. 13a.

    34.5. With ko
    on December 31, 2012, the term of office of the Council's members will be terminated
    Supervisory Board
    functions until that date, as well as their term of office expires
    full function, if the General Meeting before 01.01.2013
    appointing members of the Supervisory Board, whose term of office shall commence
    from 01
    January 2013.
    34.6 In relation
    with the repeal of art. 13a, the following intertemporal principles are introduced:
    1) term of office of current members of the Management Board
    du (ie Mr. Maciej Wandzel and Lord
    Mariusz Omieci
    skiego) is a common term;
    2) term of office of the Management Board
    du, referred to in point 1) above, ends with
    January 1, 2018, which means
    e their credentials, in accordance with art. 369 § 4
    ksh, extinguish
    on the day of the General Meeting of the appellant
    the financial statement for the financial year begins
    on day 1
    2017 and ending on 30 September 2018.
    34.7. In relation
    z oo from the changes in the financial and fiscal year of the company, were made
    to Resolution No. 6 of the Extraordinary General Meeting of the Company dated January 3
    2013 on the change in the fiscal and tax year, fiscal year and
    tax. Start the company
    on January 1, 2013, will end on
    September 30

    _____________________ _____________________

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