TERMO2POWER SA (5/2018) Demo show in Italy. Further information.

Legal attitude: Art. 17 para. 1 MAR - confidential information. In reference to Current Report No. 57/2017 of July 6, 2017, No. 66/2017 of July 24, 2017, No. 67/2017 of July 24, 2017, No. 69 of July 31, 2017, No. 82/2017 of September 6, 2017, 85/2017 of September 28, 2017, of Current Report No. 89/2017 of November 6, 2017, of Current Report No. 99/2017 of December 2017 and current report No. 1/2018 of February 2, 2018. The Management Board of Termo2Power SA with its registered office in Warsaw (the Company, the Issuer) publishes information: As a result of the use of microcomponents in the demonstration unit - "Micro Combustor" - patented by the Italian partner of the company Microsystemfuel Srl., it was found that if As RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) fuels, tests have shown that the volume reduction is> 85%. The syngas produced by Micro Combustor is burned directly at a temperature of 850 - 1100 C (with the possibility of regulating the temperature in this range). The exhaust emissions depend on the type of fuel used. The measurement of the level of all emissions contained in the exhaust will end in March - April 2018. Available capacities: from about 20 kWt - 50 kWt for households and up to about 1 MWt for industrial customers. The unit's power is also dependent on the value of the fuel used. The systems would be offered as combustion microcomponents connected to a boiler or a steam boiler with an additionally integrated co-generation unit Termo2Power S.A. Syngas produced by Micro Combustor is burned directly at 850 - 1100 C (with the possibility of regulating the temperature in this range). Before the final introduction to the European market (in relation to customers from the European Union) Micro Combustor must undergo the European certification process (CE). Termo2Power SA Management Board is considering a proposal submitted to the Company by Microsystemfuel Srl., to conclude an exclusive agreement regarding the introduction of the device to the markets of Poland and the Netherlands. Micro Combustor is a patented gasification technology using compressed air and the separation of hydrogen and oxygen in the gasification process. The device can use various types of fuel, such as biomass (pellets, wood chips) but also RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel), plastic, oils and animal wastes. The company will inform about next important stagesrelated to the reported issue.

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Company name:Termo2Power SA
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