TERMO2POWER SA (6/2019) Termo2Power SA introduces to the assortment a new product group & quot; Gas Mikroturbiny & quot ;.

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The analyzes performed by the Issuer's team focusing on the needs of clients interested in waste heat recovery solutions have shown that there is also a great demand for high-efficiency cogeneration.
Currently, companies want to be less dependent on changes in prices and supplies on the electricity market and expect 24/7 supply of electricity and process heat.
A classic solution for cogeneration is the use of piston-combustion engines, which have high maintenance costs and downtime due to service breaks, every 1,500 hours.
In addition, these engines require a cooling circuit that generates the option of low-temperature cogeneration max. about 90 C.
However, in many industries, process heat is needed at a high temperature of about 550 C and there is no need for low-temperature cogeneration.
Due to the above, the Termo2Power SA Management Board decided to buy "Gas microturbines" from renowned producers (who are not yet represented in Poland), and then the company will adapt each model to the needs of a specific customer.
"Gas microturbines" are more expensive compared to traditional engines, but they only need one service break each year (oil) and general refurbishment only after 40,000 - 60,000 operating hours. They also do not require a cooling circuit and can provide process heat at high temperatures as well as low temperatures. Therefore, in the long run they are a more economical solution.
The Issuer has made arrangements with its partners, based on which the final customer will not bear its own financial expenses (after analyzing the profitability of the project).
The Issuer will offer solutions in the field of gas microturbines in the 250 kWe - 2 MWe power range.
Units can be powered by various fuels, such as: natural gas - liquid gas (LNG) - biogas - Syngas and some liquid fuels.
The technology is already fully tested and there are various operational reference projects in Western Europe - the Netherlands, which is why the Issuer plans to sign the first sales contracts in the 2nd and 3rd quarters of this year.
The price per unit will vary between PLN 1 million - PLN 15 million.
The company will inform about further onesimportant stages related to the reported issue.

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