TOWER INVESTMENTS SA (15/2018) Conclusion of an annex to a material agreement by a subsidiary

Tower Investments SA Management Board ("Company") informs that yesterday Gatid Investments sp. Z o.o. (a subsidiary of the Company), concluded as the Seller, with Projekt Konstruktorska sp. o.o. with its registered office in Warsaw ("the Buyer"), a subsidiary of Metropolitan Investment S.A., annex ("Annex") to the preliminary agreement ("Agreement") for the sale of a part of the commercial and service premises and the garage adjacent to it, located at ul. Konstruktorska in Warsaw ("Real Property"), about which the Company informed in current reports ESPI No. 54/2017, 62/2017 and 12/2018. Under the Annex, the following changes are made: a) Subject of the Agreement - the Seller sells to the Buyer a whole commercial and service area with an area of ​​1635.55 sq m and an adjacent multi-storied garage with an area of ​​approximately 755,58 sq m; br) b) The net selling price of the Real Property shall be PLN 3,935,000 (in words: three million nine hundred thirty-five thousand) net PLN and the amount calculated in such a way that it will allow the Buyer to achieve profitability of 7.5% per annum (including rent and annual fixed costs related to the maintenance of the Real Property); c) The deadline for concluding the final agreement has been extended until April 30, 2018. The event was considered significant due to the value of the annexed agreement.

Source: company website, investor relations, current and periodic reports.

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