TRANS POLONIA SA (5/2018) Resolution of the Management Board regarding the distribution of profit for the financial year 2017

The Management Board of Trans Polonia Spółka Akcyjna with its registered office in Tczew ("Issuer") informs that on 21 May 2018 it adopted a resolution on submitting to the General Meeting of the Issuer's Shareholders the recommendation of allocating the net profit (i) generated in 2017 in the amount of 674,504, PLN 05 (in words: six hundred seventy four thousand five hundred and four zlotys and five groszes and (ii) from supplementary capital (from retained earnings) in the amount of PLN 4,212,629.71 (in words: four million one hundred twenty one thousand five hundred and ninety two zlotys and seventy zlotys one groszy), for the dividend payment to the Issuer's shareholders, provided that the Issuer's Management Board obtains the required approvals from institutions financing the Company or the appropriate modification of loan agreements, allowing for payment of dividends in the amount indicated above before the Ordinary General Meeting of the Company.
Total divisional amount the idenda recommended by the Issuer's Management Board for distribution is PLN 4,076,966.76 (in words: four million seven hundred ninety six thousand ninety six zlotys and seventy six groszy), which means that with respect to shares entitled to dividends, the amount of dividend per share will amount to PLN 0.21 (in words: zero zlotys twenty one groszy).
At the same time, the Issuer announces that the Issuer's Supervisory Board on May 21, 2018 gave a positive opinion on the proposal of the Issuer's Management Board regarding the distribution of the net profit for the financial year 2017 referred to above.
The final decision on the distribution of net profit for 2017 will be made by the General Meeting of Shareholders of the Issuer.

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