VANTAGE DEVELOPMENT SA (4/2019) Decision on launching a review of potential strategic options

The Management Board of Vantage Development S.A. ("Issuer") informs that on January 22, 2019, it made a decision to start the Issuer's review of potential strategic options related to the further development of the Issuer's Capital Group's operations. Considering and considering the potential strategic options, the Issuer's Management Board will strive to ensure the best possible position of the Issuer on the development market and to long-term increase in value for the Issuer's shareholders.
At the current stage, the Issuer's Management Board will consider various strategic options, including but not limited to looking for a new strategic investor or strategic investors, acquiring a strategic partner, making strategic changes in the ownership structure or assets of the Issuer or concluding a joint venture with another entity. The Issuer's Management Board will analyze and consider other strategic options that may occur during the process. The review of strategic options is aimed at selecting the best way to implement the Issuer's long-term business goals.
The Management Board of the Issuer will cooperate with advisors from outside the Issuer's Group in the scope of reviewing strategic options.
At the same time, the Issuer's Management Board informs that no directional decisions related to the choice of a particular strategic option by the Management have been made so far. In addition, the Issuer's Management Board informs that currently it is uncertain whether and when such a decision will be taken. The Issuer will disclose information about the course of the strategic options review process in accordance with applicable law.

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Company information
Company name:Vantage Development SA
Adress: ul. Dąbrowskiego 44 50-457 Wrocław
Phone:+48 71 7983577

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