VANTAGE DEVELOPMENT SA (6/2019) Information on the estimated selected consolidated financial data of the Vantage Development Group for 2018

The Management Board of Vantage Development S.A. ("Issuer") in connection with the completion of the preliminary process of summarizing financial data for the preparation of the consolidated periodic report of the Vantage Development Group for 2018, publishes the preliminary financial results of the Capital Group for this period:
sales: 489 516 thousand PLN (compared to PLN 292,477 thousand in 2017, which means an increase of 67%);
2. result on operations: PLN 101,954,000 PLN (compared to PLN 33,073 thousand in 2017, an increase of 208%);
3. gross profit: PLN 97,082,000 PLN (compared to PLN 27 928 thousand in 2017, which means an increase of 248%);
4. net profit: PLN 78,355,000 PLN (compared to PLN 22 820 thousand in 2017, which means an increase of 243%);
5. The value of net financial debt (calculated as the value of the financial debt reduced by the value of cash): PLN 220 420 thousand PLN (compared to PLN 226,583 thousand at the end of 2017, which means a decrease by 3%);
6. net debt to equity ratio: 0.59 and reached the same value as at the end of 2017.
The Issuer's Management Board also warns that the amounts presented are estimates and may differ from the final financial results. , whose publication as part of the consolidated annual report for 2018 is planned for 20 March 2019.

Source: company website, investor relations, current and periodic reports.

Company information
Company name:Vantage Development SA
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