TEAM OF PĄTNÓW-ADAMÓW-KONIN SA (2/2018) Estimation of the impact of one-off events on the consolidated financial results for 2017

Zespół Elektrowni Pątnów-Adamów-Konin SA (the "Company") publishes information on the estimated impact of one-off events on the consolidated net financial result for 2017. In the course of work on the consolidated financial statements of the ZE PAK SA Capital Group, one-off events in the mining segment were charged, burdening the consolidated net result in the total amount of PLN 41 million. The amount indicated is composed of: • a decrease in deferred tax assets charged to the consolidated net result by PLN 19 million. • creation of an impairment loss on construction in progress in the amount of PLN 22 million. Both of the above events charging the consolidated net result result from the update of financial projections for PAK KWB Adamów SA and they are connected with the deterioration of the economic perspective of the mine's operating efficiency, resulting, inter alia, in from the closing of Adamów Power Plant. At the same time, the Company informs that the above-mentioned one-off events are non-cash, accounting and do not affect the liquidity situation, nor affect the amount of reported EBITDA.

Source: company website, investor relations, current and periodic reports.

Company information
Company name:Zespół Elektrowni Pątnów-Adamów-Konin SA
Adress: ul. Kazimierska 45 62-510 Konin
Phone:+48 63 2473000

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